Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Boba Festive


relatively hot, look you see, on the heels of my little tirade against the great folly that is the 2016 Christmas edition off of the Radio Times here's another quasi-rant. well, at first, to be sure, but no, not really, not overall.

as a lover and grand advocate of all things in the post, you'd think that Christmas cards are, to me, quite a big thing. they were indeed, and i wish i could speak softly of them as being still. i have, alas, elected not to send many if any off this year.

over the last couple of years people have just gotten upset with me sending them one. not, it would seem, because i send anything overtly obscene or against the spirit of the season as such. no, what gets expressed, in true the English way of doing things style, is that the recipient had hoped not to be getting or sending any cards, and now they felt obliged to as they had one off of me.

this reaction makes me sad, but it is, alas, a tide i have no hope of turning. to this end, then, i've simply decided to send a card only to those who send me one, for that would seem to be the way it is now done. let it not be me that is the aggressor, then.

to that end, and on a much happier note, some cards have indeed arrived for me. including this most splendid of one, and one off of the nobility of the land, too.

yes, that, in Commodore 64 mode, is indeed a Christmas card with Boba Fett on it, all done up to look festive and what have you. splendid.

do bounty hunters, or imaginary people in space, actually have a Christmas? according to his grace, the Viscount of Stockton, yes they do - otherwise this card would not exist and he would not have sent it to me. well, i say he sent it, but obviously as a Viscount he simply instructed his people to obtain, write and post it.

the above is the, to some, very good news indeed that drummer Phil Collins has not fallen foul of the passion with which so many pop stars have embraced death during 2016. according to this book, which was found on the shelf by the cigarette counter at Morrisons, Mr Collins is not dead yet. presumably he has no intention of being so for a while, which will be quite wonderful news for those who have tickets to see him doing some sort of pop concert next year.

anyway, yes indeed i have sent a card back to the Viscount. and to another party that has sent me a card. i say party, but i understate somewhat - i got a most splendid card off of our Ambassador to Bhutan, or somewhere like that. certainly starts with a B, i think.

it was quite apt and appropriate that the Ambassador should send me one of a sheep, for he has often, over cognac an ferrero roche chocolates, discussed how most of his ambassadorial duties feature many comparable qualities to those that you would associate with a shepherd.

no, i cannot show you images of the cards that i sent to the Viscount and the Ambassador. this is partially out of respect for their privacy, for the cards were addressed to them, but mostly due to the fact that i neglected to take images of them prior to posting. oh dear.

well, if they share images with what i had crafted and sent to them, i shall see if i can fit them in here.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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