Sunday, December 04, 2016

the lightless tree

yo ho ho

no, hang on a minute. that's pirates, isn't it? ho ho ho is the correct greeting for Christmas, look you see. just skip over that introduction then.

'tis December, which means 'tis all but time for Christmas. yes, i know, certain shops have been stocking and selling Christmas related stuff since late August or even as close to the date as September. one of the best parts of the English way of doing things is to grumble about such, and long may it last.

a more recent sequence of grumbles has come about as to when exactly one should place or if you like erect their celebratory Christmas tree. some seem to do it during the last throes of November, which causes some distress for a few. i would say just do it as and when you are happy to do so. for me, though, it would only feel right during December itself. which is, as they say, now.

yes indeed, there she stands, lovingly decorated by me and the boys after my (considerably) better half suggested where the tinsel should go and then just sort of got out of the way as we were clearly just going to do our own thing. hence the big massive bush of gold tinsel in the one part.

if you are an avid reader of this blog and believe the tree to look somewhat different from the last few yuletide tree escapades, that's because it does. but before we get to that, yes of course there's a look at the tree in all of its Commodore 64 glory for you.

magnificent, no? if only we could all walk around, always seeing all things in Commodore 64 mode, the world would be awesome. it would be like Predator, only better.

anyway, the tree this year looks somewhat different as we, or rather i, have/has at last secured the use of our decorations off of South Africa for use. this tree this year then does, as point of fact, combine our ones from where we lived with the ones we have had since coming home for the first time ever, nice.

this would be the first time that some of these decorations - and the Mickey Mouse styled ones number among them, as for that matter does the star - have been seen on display since 2012. in 2013 that jolly good idea i had of moving home after Christmas but before New Year left no margin for decorations and celebrations as such. since being home, well, for the last two years i had either not gotten around to getting them out of storage or had found them but had forgotten.

it's not like there was anything wrong at all with our English procured ones. far from it. it's just, you know, Christmas, dear reader - a time to look back fondly and get all sentimental about certain things. like a set of decorations that we used to used.

a look at the tree decorated via the medium of a computer format that i am told is Apple2? i think that might mean Apple II as i vaguely recall a computer of that ilk, but regardless....

yes, i do quite like that orange twirl what Apple format has given it. and also the fact that Apple format seems to have got rid of the star, which makes sense - for Apple there can only ever be that one star, him that used to look "cool" by rolling his sleeves up when they announced their latest user unfriendly product.

in keeping with all things tradition, as it is Apple format please note you do not own the rights or anything else to do with the memories you may have of the image above. whatever you've paid for it is only to licence such off Apple. they always own it, forever.

what's that? yes, lights are missing off of the tree. alas, the ones i bought off of Poundland for Christmas 2014 - and proved to be most loyal servants for Christmas 2015 - were packed away with the Poundland batteries in them. this led to something of a leak, and the lights no longer being operable.

no matter, i shall towards Poundland be off during the week. i shall get some more lights, and happy days if they also prove worthy of lasting for a couple of years.

righty-ho, that's the tree done. as discussed earlier in this very month, the Christmas music of The King, Elvis Presley and Chas & Dave is also all sorted.  bring on the festivities, then.

may your preparations and celebrations all be as they should!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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