Friday, December 16, 2016

street life


not much, really, look you see. it's just that i know there's a quite active fraternity of Spiros followers who clock in here from time to time on the off chance that he's passed on anything of interest.

how much interest this will be of to you, or anyone, is all relative i suppose. i do feel obliged to pretty much share anything he sends my way, so here you go.

yes, that is a street scene from London, which is where Spiros sometimes can be found living, strolling around or engaging in top level meetings, what with him being the greatest legal mind of his generation and so forth. i do believe that the focus for him is the mess at the top, which i am taking to be some spew.

other than observing and photographing what would appear to be spew, has Spiros been up to anything else of interest lately? it would seem that they answer to that is a quite literal yes.

if the above looks like Spiros in an unspecified location that begins with a 'B' being quite roughly although weirdly pleasantly intruded upon by some form of instrument playing giraffe, well, that would be bcause that, as far as i can ascertain, is what's going on.

this is all him and his rather hedonistic life as being the greatest legal mind of his generation, i believe. it does tend to seem him go to some pretty amazing places and get involved in all sorts of things that you or i could not quite hope to imagine being part of.

it would be customary for one to exchange a gift after one has been given. i could not, alas, find a similar scene to share with Spiros. evidently in our part of the world people do not quite make such a spectacle of their disgrace, but no matter. i tried to find an image to take, and this was the best i could do.

if you squint you can sort of see that the above captures some rather mangled and perhaps understandably abandoned headphones. this picture was taken in a parking area, so i have every confidence that the headphones also happened to have been run over by a vehicle of some description, in all likelihood a car.

weirdly the amount of headphones i am seeing abandoned on the streets where i live is a matter of sharp increase. earlier this week i saw some rather fetching pink ones what had been dumped or dropped, but i didn't get the chance to take an image of them. another time, then, perhaps.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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