Saturday, December 17, 2016

oh, yeah, them


well, first and foremost thank you all for the interest in this blog in general and, look you see, our tree in particular. unless an extraordinary number of bots are indexing my site - and so far as i know i'm not presently running an election what Russia would wish to influence - i seem to have a quite staggering number of peeps calling here for a bit of a gander.

on, then, to a third post on the subject of our Christmas tree, or if you like the tree that we have up in the house as part of the celebration of Christmas. first went up the decorations, then came the lights. and now it is truly complete with the part i had forgotten about.....

yes, as you can totes see very clearly in the above, i remembered that the other traditional thing to put on a Christmas tree would be crackers. Christmas crackers, to be precise, for there is indeed, at least as far as Poundland is concerned, such a thing as Easter crackers.

what sort of crackers did i elect to get? the ones that i saw that reminded me that we, or rather i, needed to get some to go upon the tree.

yes - well, no but - yes indeed, we do have some Avengers branded crackers for our Christmas tree. please note, as the box says, they are novelty ones, as opposed to all the serious or professional crackers you can buy. actually, let me withdraw the sarcasm there, for i would wager Fortnum & Mason sell some professional ones. or at least ones with a quite serious price.

not a bad price, i think. £3 for 6 of these works out at 50p each, which is a very reasonable price for a bit of card and paper you are going to tear in the hope if it making a bang.

the important, or if you like business end, part of a cracker is of course the content. as you can see here, it looks like you get some Avengers themed things, in as far as the top of the head off of four characters, all of which seem to be stuck on a straw for some reason. i dare say it shall make sense when we, so to speak, crack them.

no, we've not pulled a single one yet, much to the disgust of the boys. they can jolly well wait until Christmas day. this is not so much out of tradition as it is out of having no wish to need to replace them by going and buying more.

hmn, for some reason when i have uploaded the above picture it has come out upside down, or if you prefer rotated to the tune of one hundred and eight degrees in the mathematical rather than temperature sense. hey ho, i have every confidence you can work out what's what, what.

a look at them on the tree not in Commodore 64 mode? i cannot think why one would wish to see such a sight, but if you can, certainly.

and with that i really do believe the tree is complete. for a start, there is absolutely no space anywhere on it to place anything else, to be sure.

more stuff as and when it happens, then. unless i just make it up.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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