Saturday, December 10, 2016

the tree of light

hello there

oh yes, indeedy, ho ho ho look you see for here is another Christmas themed post, so it is, to be sure.

i recently made a post about our Christmas tree. whilst it was a most splendid thing, for it marked the first time in some four years that certain decorations were on display, it did to an extent court controversy. this was due to the tree being bereft of what was once called fairly lights but i believe now just get called Christmas lights.

that controversy, ladies and gentlemen, has been ceased, so to speak.

modest moi i may be, but to me that picture seems to have come out rather accidentally very well indeed. well, i like what i see, and i see that.

the above picture, i hardly need tell you, represents the "icicle" styled Christmas lights which i got for the tree. there are ten of them on the strip, powered by two 'AA' ("penlight") sized batteries. lovely, they are. also quite sharp at the end, so yes it is possible to use them for a bit of stabbing if need arise.

yes, that is i, in Commodore 64 mode off of my (relatively) new phone. the lights are on upon the tree, as you can see quite clearly. although, now that i think, in non-Commodore 64 mode there is not quite so much of a purple hue and saturation (or whatever) to them.

there is some controversy to these lights, dear reader. i purchased them off of Pound World, rather than my preferred store, Pound Land. why? i just happened to be near the World variation when i remembered to buy some. and, as it turns out, this was a good thing, as when i inspected the range available at the Land variation they were nowhere near as good.

there, above the icicle ones, you can see some of the other lights i got. they are strings of 20 LED ones, all of different colours, and again powered by 2 'AA' style batteries.

once upon a time, of course, one plugged their Christmas lights straight into the national grid, with no barrier whatsoever except the plug and the socket. back then things like fuses and electrical safety compliance matters were considered to be things for fannies and big jessies, so no one bothered for fear of being thought of as a coward.
yes, there were quite a few household fires as a result, but nothing that the fire brigade could not, for the most part, sort out.

that is absolutely another look at the Christmas tree lights in Commodore 64 mode for you, only much better than the last one as i am entirely absent from the business end of the lens.

whilst i do have even more pictures of the lights here, i'm wondering how many you all actually have to see? probably no more, if as many as you have, so i will leave it there.

yeah, sure, some more Christmas stuff to follow, including some rather splendid cards which have been sent.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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