Tuesday, November 01, 2016

the honey shampoo

hello there

yes, look you see, me again with yet more adventures in the world of quality hair care products, or if you like shampoo. the bottle of blueberry fusion or otherwise infused shampoo that i am presently using is drawing to an end of content in the bottle, so time for a new one.

i took myself off browsing, so i did, to be sure, for a new direction to take my hair in. having carefully assessed and studied the relative merits of each of the different bottles of shampoo on display at a local retailer, i determined that this one worked out at the per wash cheapest and thus was likely to be best.

yes! actually no, but yes too. that is indeed VIC 20 mode on the go for that picture. and yes, this does mark a return by me to the realm of "ultimate blends" shampoo, for the first time since, unless i am quite mistaken, my overtly Greco-sexual experimentation with their "mystic olive" product.

this is indeed, as you can clearly see on the label there, one called "honey treasures". it is a shampoo that has come about as a blend, then, of honey and a secret thing which they have not directly made any reference to. oh well, it must be something, for they call it a "blend". if something is not added to it, it's not a blend then, just a mix of what you once had to begin with.

but what would Jason Donovan make of me moving away from lemon infused shampoo towards honey? i turned to google to find out and google did overwhelmingly let me down......

yep, not one result on the search engine about whether or not Jason Donovan has ever personally sanctioned or otherwise approved a change in shampoo from lemon to honey stuffed.

you know, looking at them search results and seeing that three of the top ten are on this blog makes me proud and yet sad. sometimes i feel like it's only me in this world that cares or crusades about the fact that, in the 80s, Jason Donovan announced that he used lemon to wash his hair with and thus changed the world.

that is indeed the honey shampoo presented in the NES form. i don't think i ever had an NES myself, but my brother did. i can remember playing on it with him. well, sitting and watching mostly - he was an absolute boss and legend at most games. still is, i dare say and hope.

anyway, i anticipate starting to use this shampoo towards the latter stages of this week. i, of course, have every confidence that my hair shall be absolutely f*****g amazing as a consequence. should it be all that spectacular, i dare say i will mention it in passing here.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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