Tuesday, November 15, 2016

salvation for the mirror blind


the presence of toothpaste on this blog is something which, up to now look you see, had been (mostly) reserved for that type which had love beads shoved in it. this was a particular type of toothpaste that my Dad was most fond of, and to this day he remains distraught at the fact that Colgate elected to no longer make it.

with love bead toothpaste no longer readily available - the last tubes of it made available for public purchase and presumed consumption were long since bought and posted - this post marks something of a brave new direction in terms of content. unless i am very much mistaken, and i am perfectly happy to admit i've not checked, this shall be the first time i have discussed toothpaste here in a way that has not reached a conclusion of it being posted half way around the world not long after being photographed.

the above shows off, ostensibly, two packets of Colgate Max Fresh "cool mint" toothpaste. this so happens, if you are interested, to be the preferential style or type of toothpaste of my (considerable) better half, and indeed one of my offspring. in respect of the latter i forget which, and to be frank i don't really care, just so long as they brush their teeth i suppose.

anyway, whereas both are the same brand, same range and same 100ml product, there are differences. difference i think you can sort of see in the above image. if not, the top one is a sort of plain, flat type of packaging, whereas the lower is all shiny and embossed.

the top, plain sort of one was bought off of Poundland for £1, whereas the bottom, shiny one was bought off of Tesco for £2.50.  which means, i think, the less shiny one costs 40% of the market value of the shiny.

i'm not really inclined to do a "rip off Britain" type of post here, for we know that our thriving economy exists on a principle of over tax, over charge, over pay, make it all work. refer to my many posts on cigarettes for embellishment if you will, and goodness knows what the Government will do for tax money if all smokers did indeed stop.

no, this is all trying to work out the difference between the two. i suspect, for the most part, that the more expensive one is that way purely for the embossed, shiny packaging. the above shows identical manufacturer details, and directions for use. in respect of the latter, they say that it is not for use by anyone under the age of 7. i say they are wrong. let five and six year olds get a bit of exposure to danger and have a go at brushing their teeth with this stuff. what's the worst that can happen? 

that is indeed the end of the boxes taken in Commodore 64 mode with the scan lines on. yes, i fired up the Apple device just to do that picture with. well that one and some CD covers, which i shall get around to posting eventually.

as you can see, the shiny packaging goes for a more subtle presentation of the "Max Fresh" product name. and that's about all of interest that i can think of to say of that.

the title of this blog post is indeed a Bowie quote, off of Loving The Alien. in 1985, or maybe as late as 1986 but i think 85, i had the Tonight album on tape on my walkman a lot. it was as point of fact my Dad's tape, that he had in the car but then took out. i seldom listened to the whole album. i'd play Loving The Alien off one side, then flip the tape, do some rewinding and listen to Blue Jean. two great songs on an otherwise mostly forgettable album. 

now then, major differences come in to it on the "selling blurb side" of the packaging. well, sort of. the image at the heart of it seems to be the same, just the text is different.

as you can see, the cheaper, non-shiny packaging offers the user a "new dimension of freshness", whereas the more expensive one simply, in a quite self-puff way, advises you that it is "packed with freshness".

and there you have it. if i were requested to solicit an opinion, to be sure, i would say that as much as i quite like shiny things, when confronted with a choice between these two variations of a product i would certainly elect to go with the cheaper one.

hopefully this has been of partial interest to passing toothpaste fans!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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