Friday, November 18, 2016

love descends on those defenceless


should i be quite so interesting enough to have any stalkers out there, depending on to what extent their enthusiasm for this goes they will know this next bit. as part of my sort of morning ritual thing, look you see, i can be found - in an admittedly unwashed and somewhat slightly dazed state - around the grounds of outside enjoying a, this isn't good for you, etc, but no matter.

recently i have, due to the infinite generosity of Spiros, been enjoying quite the bounty of fags off an unspecified Eastern European nation, or if you like Ukraine. a full, wholesome blog on all of that shall come soon, but the point here is that my ritual was today one met, if not greeted, by a particular site.

the above are indeed the elements of tree, or if you like wood, what William claimed as his own from Cod Beck. you may wish to see the procurement of those aspects of tree, and you are quite welcome to do so by clicking here. this, the bark and the branches, is of course not of what i write today. no, it's them elements of nature that you can see upon them.

this would indeed be one of them blog posts about snow, since we are now apparently in snow season. sorry for the misleading title, but all the same google it away and find a most boss song from which it comes, if you are of a mind to do so.

yes, a smattering of snow has hit our lands. as you can see not an excessive amount, for whilst it clung to existence upon the wood the grass and soil managed to soak up all that had fallen. cars, to be sure, are not particularly known for their ability to simply "soak up" snow, and so that was a different proposition all together, i will have you know.

yep, that's the windscreen of my wheels, man, and there over in the distance you can see the mobile of choice off of my (considerably) better half.

this was not, of course, that lovely, nice, picturesque and crisp (hello, Faye) snow that is the stuff of movies and postcards. no, this was all that crappy, mostly solid ice type of snow. the one that must have at some stage inspired the creation of super glue, such is the enthusiasm with which it clutches to the surface of a windscreen.

about half an hour, ladies and gentlemen. that's how long it took me to clear off enough of this stuff this morning, armed with a tin of de-icer off of Poundland and a window scraper, to make my car reasonably safe to drive. that will teach me to not neglect putting my deflector shield windscreen protector on.

hang on, you ask, wasn't today another day of release on the vibes front? indeed it was and indeed i did.

that is my "deluxe" 3 CD copy of Hardwired To Self Destruct off of Metallica. £17.99 is what HMV charged me for it. a full "day of release" blog to follow after i have had a proper listen. for now, though, a warning - do not buy the standard 2 CD version fo £14.99. if you do you will get very annoyed as both discs of this double album, it turns out, would comfortably fit on 1 CD, going on the running time.

but hey, nice packaging, etc. more of Metallica later, no doubt over the weekend. for now, though, you want more of my plight in the snow. specifically i am assuming you want to see snow on the windscreen in VIC 20 mode. let me make that happen for you.

the snow which fell was, as no doubt you have pretty much gathered, quite limited. it was also, it would seem, quite limited to our more rural of lands in Yorkshire, as the great metropolitan centres of our area were mostly untouched by the stuff.

i say mostly. far be it from me, after all, to deny those that dwell within the more city style areas a glimpse at some snow. whereas i cleaned off the windows, i really could not be bothered to get the snow off of the roof. i mean, yeah, sure, it was going to melt and my most useful sunroof does have ever such a slight leak, but i've noticed that the puddle as a consequence of this usually forms on the passenger side, and my occasional co-pilot does not mind if he gets a bit wet.

to that extent, then, by the time that i had pulled into the luxurious, award winning car park near where i go to verk of a morning, the snow was very much still on the roof of the car.

was all that snow still there when i finished verk? no, it had gone. also it hadn't formed a puddle on the passenger seat. who knows, perhaps my theory has finally come into being and cars now really do just fix themselves as and when something goes wrong.

some suggest that snow now means a long, somewhat formidable winter ahead of us. i am unconvinced. sure, it's getting cold and will stay that way. i have, however, in the past (rather than the future) seen it be that some snow hits in November, then does not return until the following February. hey ho, what shall be and all that; it's not like anything that i say or write will influence what nature brings this way.

yes, sure, as previewed in this post, over the weekend i shall try and get some details on Ukrainian cigarettes and Metallica records on this blog for you. in the mean time, for now and at all times,

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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