Friday, November 11, 2016

cod beck

hello there

if one were to gaze back, somewhat through the mists of time perhaps, in all likelihood you'd discover that this blog started off life as a rather simple means for me to update friends and family around the world with what was going on in my corner of life. this all became particularly handy, look you see, as and when the boys came along to join us.

i would readily admit that it's become quite distracted from that humble start, and it really is astonishing that some 300 - 400 people appear to pop by here each day in order that they may tolerate my nonsense.

anyway, that laboured, lengthy and somewhat nostalgic intro means we are very much going "back to basics" with this post for an update on the boys.

there they are out and about on and around the grounds of, as the title of this post rather gives away, Cod Beck. for those wondering what or where a Cod Beck is, it can be found in the natural beauty of the awesome Osmotherley, and it's a reservoir fed in principle by the river known as Cod Beck.

did we take the boys up to this fine place? goodness me no. they are now almost of an age where they view parents (me at least) as "uncool" and view doing things with parents as "not cool". a quite natural progression stage, although i am trying to be with it and down on fancy clothes and stylish hair.

it was rather that the celebrated Harlo clan took them off, then, as witnessed in this "group selfie" image.

it was awesome that the Harlo gang's schedule and our schedule allowed for some quality time together. the Harlo gang, to be sure, have been somewhat inspired by that smart Art Garfunkel set, Across America, in which Art or if you like Artie walks from one side of America to the other. they are, so far as i can tell, doing a similar thing here in England, only without the singing or outrageous hair.

were the boys impressed by Cod Beck? very much so, and who would not be. a particular highlight for them was being able to witness gentlemen hiding in bushes and conducing fishing exercises. this the boys considered to be quite brave, considering the numerous "no fishing" signs on display.

that is indeed young William with some bark and a length of wood, weighing up another length of wood. he was most impressed with the amount of fallen wood readily available, and all the more impressed by the complete lack of signs urging visitors not to remove it. as a consequence, all of the major or if you like principal wood elements you can see being the focus of William's attention are presently in our garden. it's quite wonderful to have a little bit of Osmotherley magic at home.

this selfie craze isn't going away any time soon, is it?

regular readers might well have expected to visit here and find another celebrated day of release post today, for a new Bowie compilation, Bowie Legacy was released. sorry, but i just can't bring myself to buy it. i'm sat with every other compilation set released, i have to draw a line somewhere.

and there goes James, rummaging and rambling through the roughage on offer around Cod Beck in Osmotherley. yes he chose them dapper orange shoes all by himself and no i did not approve of them.

a picture of the boys by Cod Beck itself? certainly.

well, i say certainly, but these images are all with thanks to the sensational Harlo gang, who took them and sent them along to me. right after i reminded them to.

for friends around the world somewhat baffled as to why i chose to give up living in some of the most amazing places on the planet to be back where i started off life, well, mostly wouldn't you always wish to be at home? beyond that, yes, Yorkshire does look mostly all like this, beautified with quaint, historical villages and the occasional progressive town area.

i would suspect that, for all the wonderful adventures i've had thus far, i won't be leaving this part of the world ever again. at least not for too long.

a rather silly face pulling image of the boys to finish off with? i see no reason why not.....

anyway, it's too cold to be sat up in my elevated shed writing all of this when, if we're honest, the pictures are the more interesting part.

many thanks indeed to the sensational Harlo gang for the images and the boys' day out, and of course thanks to you all for continuing to read.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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