Saturday, November 12, 2016

scenes from Spiros


the more frequent, if not regular, reader of this blog will know that, or late, Spiros has been helping the democratic process along in one of the more provincial areas of London. as you can read here, look you see, he has been following with some interests the campaigning of one Zac Goldsmith, reminding voters that they can vote for someone else. he is rather enthusiastic about all of this, and it's good of him to point out that the other candidates are not Mayoral election losers.

whilst his "anyone but Zac" enthusiasm keeps him quite busy it's not just the campaign trail that Spiros has been on of late. far from it. he's been quite the busy chap. a fair bit of what he's been doing cannot be discussed in public as such as of yet, but as he's quite excited about it all he has sanctioned me giving you, his fans, some insights here.

yes, quite. if the above to you looks like a smashed up, somewhat discarded toilet placed by a pole in an unspecified area of London, that's because it is that. well, except for the unspecified part - i believe this is actually in Covent Garden, although i cannot be more specific than that.

was Spiros involved in anything to do with the above other than taking the picture and sending it to me? partially. from what i can gather there was a most disagreeable incident, or at least one which Spiros disagreed with, and the culmination of the disagreement led to this scene.

it would only be partially correct to say that the above image off of Spiros, and indeed the one below, represents a movement in interests by Spiros away from sailors and towards soldiers. he does indeed have something of an interest in them at present, but not in regards of the usual short term yet mutually beneficial friendships he forms with men of uniform from time to time.

as the greatest legal mind of his generation Spiros, as you might imagine, gets called in to consult and advise on some rather delicate, sensitive and interesting matters. in this regard recently he was in an unspecified Eastern European nation, or if you like Ukraine, assisting with such a matter. 

sounds juicy, doesn't it? what are the details, you may wonder. i am sure it shall all be major news soon enough, but for now i can say that it all relates to a rather treacherous deviant who is attempting to play off different sides for his sordid interests. this rather repulsive cretin has left something of a legal paper trail - much of it to do with property - across Africa, Russia and now London, and Spiros is, so to speak, making sure that those who would know how best to deal with him know his name. a bit like Cheers, then, but not with a bar involved.

although speaking of bar like environments, yes Spiros has been managing to keep up his quite formidable intake of alcohol, and indeed has been able to combine this with some smart fights.

the gentrification of London has seen, much to the dismay of Spiros, the city come to be abandoned by hard men. whereas once picking a fight in the city was fairly easy, now you have to hunt far and wide to find anyone that would be prepared to stand their ground. it was with some delight, then, that he has found a pub called Ye Olde Cock. Spiros reckons it's frequented by gents who, like he, are partial to testing their mettle against other men.

thus far Spiros has reported that he's had about three fights in there, and not all of them have required summoning a black cab, or mentioning immigration. this, from his perspective, is most splendid, as he doesn't always have the time to probe how best to instigate a bout of fisticuffs; he just wants to get on with it.

anyway, i am sure that as and when Spiros gets up to some more adventures he shall tell me all about it, and approve mages of it all been shown off here. until then, then, i will try to provide stuff of interest.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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