Wednesday, November 02, 2016

frosty cockpit


instinct, look you see, instructs one at this time of the year to say that we have had the first frost of the year. this is of course not the case. earlier in the year, say January to March or April, we had plenty of frost. plenty, to be sure. what we've had today, then, is the first proper frosting over of the autumn / winter season of this year. pedantic types rejoice, then, for this paragraph was just for you i guess.

today, or possibly yesterday since i doubt i will post this finished this evening, we had some frost. this meant cleaning it off the windows of the car, for the constabulary here are most pedantic about how you simply must have a clear, unobstructed view when driving.

before i cleared it away, yes of course i did take a picture of it all. well, some of it.

yes, that's in Commodore 64 mode via the new app on the new phone. looks quite smart, i suppose, as all things Commodore 64 do, but i do kind of miss the "scan lines" option off of the Apple variation.

at this time of year one is also compelled to change their clocks we "gain" an hour, to be sure, in order to maximise daylight. apparently it was all the idea of some relative off of that twat out of Coldplay that won't sit still when he plays the piano. anyway, it's quite a good idea, i suppose, as it makes it safer for the kids to go to and from school or something.

changing the clocks meant changing the clock in my car too, which meant consulting the hefty, 250 or so page instruction manual which came with it.

this is one of the earlier, or if you like lower number, pages of the aforementioned manual. i just really quite like how it refers to the driving seat area of the vehicle as a "cockpit". i don't think they call it that on aeroplanes any more; it's now "flight control cabin" or "pilot hub" or something like that.

believe it or not, neither the index nor the contents page of this massive book had an entry for "clock". it did for "cock", hence the discovery of the above page. the bit i was looking for was hidden away under some obtuse name, "instrumentation display unit" or some other such rubbish.

anyway, there's the bit i was looking for -page 110 i think. it showed me how to change the time on the clock on the "instrumentation display unit" or whatever, so it's done now.

a look at the frost on the car sans Commodore 64 mode? if you must.

i think it looks a lot better in Commodore 64 mode, and a good deal even more better as and when it is off the car windscreen, thank you very much.

actually i think i will finish and post this now, so yeah the frost was from today. to finish, here's a picture about some sort of warning in the book for the car about the car.

i'm sure it's a very important warning and yes of course i have read it and taken notice. that bit was, of course, for the benefit of my insurance company, who apparently also read my facebook stuff. they must have a high tolerance threshold for boredom and have very little else to do.

anyway, tally ho, off into the cold i go.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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