Sunday, November 27, 2016

the queen is half undressed


Barbs, it would seem, has been fairly vocal of late. actually no she hasn't. it is quite suspicious, look you see, that she hasn't waded in to the recent US electoral campaign as normally she has something of an opinion to voice. well, this was the case when it was the other Clinton seeking elected power, to be sure. perhaps she's just not that much into this one. or wasn't, since barring the recount thing it's all done and dusted.

getting back on track somewhat and where Barbs has been vocal. that person i know who is doing some emissary sort of stuff over in one of them European countries has kindly forwarded on some stuff off of an interview what Barbs granted.

as you can see, evidently it was a somewhat relaxed interview as Barbs did not bother too much about what to wear on the south side of her body, bar some most splendid shoes. and some tights, i think, unless she has been smearing coffee on her legs. and why not, if the latter is true and it makes her happy to do so.

any particularly noteworthy or insights into world of Barbs from the interview, beyond at the least her apparent lack of pressing need to be dressed in full in order to conduct it? yes, quite. one snippet from the interview stood out a very great deal. this is possibly due to it being the only snippet sent to me as such, but no matter, it's a good one.

that no is pretty conclusive, is it not?

i am not too surprised about this declaration of her not singing in the shower. for a start, i very much doubt that Barbs does something as lower class as shower anyway - for her, i would expect, it's all bathing in Tibetan milk, or possibly in that mineral infused water off of volcanic regions.

there's also the case of her accidentally giving away a free performance to any one of her two dozen staff or so. no doubt these people - gardeners, carpenters and so forth - expect to be paid as it is for their services. why should Barbs give them a vocal performance for free on top of that?

let's not be unsympathetic to Barbs' plight here. it must be tough for her to not sing. a very natural instinct for her, i would imagine, is to go all blazing with the vocals. to deliberately not break out into verse is a very big ask, and if you ask me that makes her all the more awesome for not doing so at random.

what's that above? the stats off of my blog for the last day, or if you like twenty four hour period. as you can see, no one - or at least not more than one - from off of Japan has visited. in the short term, then, my last blog before this one was a total waste of time. in the long term, who knows, perhaps the Japanese will come flocking.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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