Friday, November 04, 2016

November's first day of release

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this year has, to be sure, been quite remarkable for music. i have a quite tough choice ahead of me, look you see, when i get around to compiling the obligatory list of the "best" of the year. and just when one might have thought that releases of consequence were all done until the new year, behold November.

there are three significant known day of release days this month, with a potential forth always a threat, depending on whether or not The Stone Roses elect to release a third album. of what is known, next week sees a new Bowie compilation, Legacy, whereas the week after that brings new vibes off of Metallica.

today, though, was the day that one could, for the first time in a while, buy a new Robbie Williams release off of a normal, proper shop.

indeed yes. the somewhat strangely under-anticipated new studio recording off of Robbie Williams, Heavy Entertainment Show, came out today.

i don't know what Robbie's done, other than singing at the birth of a child and upsetting Jimmy Page, but it feels like there's a lack of interest in the lad these days, and no particular buzz for what he does. this is a massive shame, as he's one of the few uber pop stars still standing that got to that status via slogging it out with talent and work rather than the TV show fast track route. but hey.

a day of release for me means a trip to HMV, as i really rather like to walk into a shop and purchase the record than mail order it off the internet or download it. and so i went off to HMV, who it turns out were not that excited about the release, either.

no, i do not have any rational nor convincing explanation as to why, when they are selling a brand new album off of him, HMV have elected to advertise a some 10 - 15 year old "greatest hits" collection of Robbie Williams in the front window. if this is their approach, bring on a third Stone Roses album, i say - come on then, let's see HMV shove massive Second Coming posters in the window to celebrate.

a walk inside the store showed that the lack of excitement HMV had for this record continued some......

at least Robbie Williams made it to the top shelf, i suppose, but even then this rack of CDs is buried well inside, and most causal browsers would not notice it as it's obscured by a pillar.

for those of you who have not played music in a physical form for quite some time, i would encourage you to do so.pull out an old record, tape or CD,  go to HMV and buy one, or head to Poundland or similar and buy a traded in one. just enjoy the pleasure of holding music again, dear reader - let yourself make a bond with the vibes once more.

of some significance with this release is the fact that, as alluded to above, this is the first release off of Robbie Williams in a while that one can purchase in a shop, or off of a wide range of websites. the last two, Under The Radar and some Live concern, were available off of his site alone. which is where i bought them for my sister. and, yes, i bought this for my sister too.

what's the actual album like? no idea. as i just said, it's going off to my sister, to be sure. i will pick myself up a copy one day, i guess. the two songs i have heard off of it, commented on if not quite reviewed on this rather surprisingly popular post, were good, mind. better than, as point of fact - ace.

what's with the Paul Simon CD in the background? well, they had it on the counter at HMV. as you can make out, kind of, it was a mere £2.99 when bought in conjunction with anything else, and so i did. smart track listing on it, and a bargain for that price.

so, one day of release down, one to go. sorry, but i will be skipping the Bowie Legacy one. i have about a dozen "best of" sets, and this new one has precisely nothing on it that i don't have a couple of times over. in a couple of weeks, however, i shall indeed be off to purchase Metallica. for me, that one.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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