Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Boba Pieces

howdy people

and here we go once more, dear reader. them off of Disney, or Lusasfilms, or whoever makes all them Star Wars films these days, have come up with yet another way of extracting coins of money off of me. literal coins, look you see, for this latest element of Boba Fett merchandising only cost £2.00, to be sure.

just in case you think i have made a typo, no, seriously - just two pounds in real English money is all this three part, or if you like trilogy, of Star Wars jigsaw puzzles cost. yes, you can build just one (or two) of the three in their own right, or you can build all at once to form a "mega" jigsaw.

this is extraordinarily low pricing for some Star Wars merchandise, is it not? well, for legit, genuine stuff, which this most decidedly would seem to be to me. such a low cost in itself would not tempt me alone, though. no, i require the presence of that one particular character in order for money to be parted with.

yes, that's right - Boba Fett. there he is off the packaging for the first (and best) of the three jigsaw puzzles, taken in boss Commodore 64 mode with my new phone what has a camera welded to it. two cameras, as it happens, for unlike my blackberry it has one on the front and one on the back.

there is only so much that you could say about jigsaw puzzles, so moving along here is an image of the completed jigsaw what has Boba Fett (and other, lesser characters) on it, taken (from what i can remember) in NES mode.

the jigsaw puzzle, indeed puzzles, for the sake of finding something to write, are indeed based on the first released "trilogy" of Star Wars films. or, as some call it, the "classic" trilogy, or indeed the "better" trilogy. i really rather enjoyed the prequels, but hey, i never met a Star Wars film i didn't like.

as a result of being based on the Star Wars films that came out in the 70s and 80s my other, perhaps second favourite character off of the films features. quite prominently too, although on the third of three parts of the jigsaw set. hopefully you spotted him on the first image, but if not. 

yes, Lando Kardasshian, or whatever he was called. him off of the second half of the second (fifth) one and most of the third (sixth) one. he wore some really smart clothes, he did, and had that awesome mate with the metal ring around his head.

one of the biggest disappointments with Star Wars Episode 7 : Mission To Moscow was that Billy Dee Williams didn't get the call to come back and reprise the Lando character. the last time i saw Billy, which i think was on one of them Storage War shows, he looked in a lot better condition that the likes of the actors who played only minor characters in the original films yet got called back.

hopefully common sense prevails and Lando is back in business in Episode 8, a film which has yet to be blessed with an extra title. and speaking of bringing popular, important characters back into the realm of Star Wars films, i note that the Rogue One toys are on the shelves, but one character remains missing.

nope, just over a month to go until the release of Star Wars Rogue One and no hint, suggestion, indication or confirmation that Boba Fett will be in it. if he isn't, that's one massive wasted opportunity. the "no disintegrations" conversation Boba and Darth Vader, the latter being confirmed as in Rogue One, had during Empire Strikes Back gave every suggestion that they had met before, and the plot of this new film would make perfect sense to have Boba in it. that, added with the massive marketing Disney have done of the Boba Fett character (see all the merchandise i have bought) would make not putting him in the film a very silly and foolish move.

but anyway, back to the jigsaw and indeed, for those of you who are for some reason not partial to looking at the world through the eyes of 80s computer technology, a glance at the completed Boba Fett element of the jigsaw in "normal" picture mode, whatever normal is.

and to finish off with how about a look at the boxes for all three of the puzzles, but in the rather different mode of ZX Spectrum style? sure, but i think there is a fault with the camera, for no way did ZX Spectrum ever look as cool as this.

was it much effort or overtly complicated to do the jigsaw? no, not for me. that's mostly because the boys elected to open it up and do it whilst i wasn't looking. which is fine, i guess. i just really wanted to buy something with both Boba and Lando on, i wasn't all that bothered about the jigsaw part.

right, that's about all i can say about that lot. other stuff to come later, then, but i would have every confidence that Disney will extract more coins of money out of me at some point by having yet more Star Wars merchandising what has Boba Fett on it. or Lando.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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