Thursday, November 24, 2016

Spiros at the Playboy


yes, quite. that is not the title of a post i thought i would ever write, look you see, leaving a side your current disbelief at actually reading it. Spiros - that Spiros - has been off to the celebrated Playboy Club, dear reader.

in his role as the greatest legal mind of his own generation, arguably all, he is called on to attend to a great many matters. this involves meeting in venues which are somewhat out of the ordinary for him, as ultimately he will visit wherever those who pay his most handsome fee elect to do so. if left to Spiros, of course, meetings would always take place in the relaxed environs of places such as YMCA gymnasiums or Turkish Bath Houses, where he believes getting all hot and steamed up with men allows for perfect clarity of focus on the business at hand, so to speak.

that is indeed the tradesman entrance which Spiros was going through. he doesn't really care for attention being drawn to him or his rather specialist legal services, and so always seeks a degree of anonymity. also, that is indeed a quite dapper jumper he has on. i took the liberty of commending him on it on behalf of all future readers who see this, and he was most gratified by this.

it's not just the Playboy that Spiros has to frequent from business. far, far from it. should Spiros need to have a meeting with Spaniards, or for that matter people off of Dorset, he finds that more often than not they select the Groucho club, for such people are easily impressed by lightweight celebrities. Otherwise, you mention or name a fancy, member only club for gentlemen in any major city, and Spiros is, due to his work, a patron of it.

why was Spiros at the Playboy Club? a Japanese (or similar) concern is interested in soliciting his opinion on if not bypassing then circumventing one or two points of the celebrated Basel II compliance agreement in terms of financial conduct, as in all of them. Strangely, as part of making the brokering of such a deal more tax efficient for all parties, there's talk of a docu-drama, provisionally titled Spiros at the Playboy being mooted, with one or two film production companies well known for assisting in creative accountancy quite prepared to start filming.

anyway, as and when Spiros has another adventure i am sure it will feature here. as will, ladies and gentlemen, anything else non-Spiros related that catches my curiosity.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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