Monday, October 31, 2016



it may well, look you see, be the case that i am home and, so far as i am concerned, here i will stay. that does not mean i don't remember all that i missed when off on my travels, sojourns, adventures and certain exploits around this world of ours. it's also that i remember being asked, when away, all of what which i missed the most when far from home.

quite a few people have assumed or suggested that, considering the warmer climes i inevitably ended up in, snow would be the one thing that i missed the most. they would be "in the vicinity" of being correct, but not spot bang on the money, so to speak. those of you who have lived through some weeks if not months of being snowed in would, i imagine, join me in assuring those never to have experienced it that it's not quite as all awesome and picturesque as you may think.

the autumn leaves, which fall around us now in this present day, are what i missed the most.

as our little island on this planet moves into a rotation or orbit which sees our closes star seeming drop down low in the sky, it's quite remarkable how what embers of the sun sift through and strike these fallen leaves, giving their closing brown shade a magical, perhaps mystical glow. the touch and feel of them, so dry and so crisp (hello, Faye), is like nothing else i've ever encountered on my travels.

although we live in a time of theoretical around the globe, across the year every year agriculture, the time of the leaves falling would also usually represent the end to a harvest season. many are those who cultivate the lands, encouraging the earth to grow so that we may take from it and live.

i was lucky enough, as were so many others, to know one such gentleman who did this. and today was the day on which we laid him to rest. a day on which beauty gave us an echo of the summer past, providing us with a clearer sun that we should have had at this time, so as if to show off how much the nature we love loves us.

my Gramps. a man who wanted to make all more better. the lives of his family more better, the world a more better place. i shall miss him dearly; we shall all very much miss him dearly. 

everywhere he went in the world - and he was so kind as to follow on and visit virtually everywhere me and my family ended up - was a place where he met and made new friends. when he was not using his hands to grow crops, tend to animals or cultivate gardens, they were seemingly forever held out to shake hands or hug. 

for the benefit of those many around the world who knew him but did not see the notice in the regional press here, here it is. 

over the years there's been dozens of stories and appearances by this wonderful, gentle and caring man here. there's been hundreds of stories told, thousands of stories untold yet lived. it is quite selfish to wish that it were that more would come to be, but still i do. 

this next picture is, i think, the last or one of the last i had taken with him. or, to be more correct, took with him, as he was most curious to know what all this "selfie" business was that he heard referenced on the news.

there's not too much more i can think of to write right now. except, importantly, thank you, friends around the world, for the love, compassion, support, care and help you have provided. know that it has been felt. 


make it all more better.

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