Monday, November 07, 2016

Spiros on the campaign trail

greetings citizens

there's an election coming up imminently. no, not that one, to be sure - that's for the more American sort of American blogger to comment on. the one i refer to happens on December 1, look you see, and further happens down in London.

Zac Goldsmith, the now former Conservative MP and decidedly failed Mayor of London candidate, has forced a by-election in his at present former constituency of Richmond Upon Thames. yes, that is the Zac Goldsmith who is, i believe, quite noted for being both wealthy and of a mind to throw legal action at anything he disagrees with, so i shall choose my words quite carefully going forward.

how and why has he forced this by-election? apparently a pledge of his was to resign should Government vote for another runway at Heathrow. they did, so he resigned as he said (refer "keeping his word" up front) and is now asking the people of Richmond to vote for him again, only this time as an Independent MP rather than as a Conservative one.

anyway, Mr Goldsmith has been out on the campaign trail, for the third time in some 18 months. this weekend Spiros decided to tag along and keep him company. kind of.

Spiros, when not being the greatest legal mind of his generation, or starting fights with taxi drivers, or forming short term yet mutually beneficial friendships with men that are more often than not sailors, is quite animated about politics. this is particularly handy when it comes to finding something to start a fight with a taxi driver, but i digress some.

the view of Spiros is that Mr Goldsmith should decidedly not be elected as an Independent MP for Richmond Upon Thames, or anywhere. this is, after all, the third time in quite far south of two years that the people of Richmond are being asked to vote for Zac. and so Spiros has been going around where Zac is campaigning, reminding people that he meets that there are other candidates - ones that didn't lose a Mayoral election and ones that don't resign and ask to be employed again the moment they have a setback.

Spiros kindly sent on Zac Goldsmith's election flyer, which you can see above. yes, in the glory of Commodore 64 mode with scan lines decidedly on. i had a glance at it, and from what i can see Mr Goldsmith's campaign for election is built entirely on a view that you should vote for him as he did what he promised and resigned recently.

a quite fair question at this stage, mindful of Mr Goldsmith's track record with being willing to take legal action against web content, is why exactly he believes that he's good enough to be MP of Richmond Upon Thames when he was not considered good enough to be Mayor of London. the latter job does, after all, have a pretty low threshold for suitability, what with Red Ken and then Bumbling Boris somehow meeting the criteria. is it the case that Richmond is somehow a lesser, anyone will do for the job part of London?

unless there is some legal intervention to prevent him, or he simply gets distracted by gentlemen friends, fighting and legal stuff, Spiros shall no doubt carry on expressing an alternate choice to Zac as being preferable for the next few weeks. good luck, mate.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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