Monday, November 21, 2016

the co-pilot

hello there

i do, as and when chance permits, do what i can to accommodate requests here on this blog. it is a particularly happy day when i get such a  request, look you see, as when that happens it means that i don't have to sit and think too much about what to write here.

today, then, is a very special request off of my erstwhile if not occasional co-pilot off of the last few weeks. behold, then, here is the one that they call Magic. well, actually, no, they don't call him Magic, but i am encouraging people to do so, and this post is a step in the right direction for expanding this ambition of mine, so win-win.

yeah, the picture quality is not so great in the above, sorry. although yes, i do appreciate the fact that many of you would say the more limited the visibility is in a picture of me then by default the picture is better.

what does Magic do to earn such a moniker or if you prefer name such as Magic? is he some sort of conjurer or illusionist? no, not really, at least not in the traditional sense. it's just that Magic is a cool name, and so as everyone should have a call handle name his just happens to be Magic.

i do understand that some of you - Spiros in particular - will be getting quite bored with this post at this stage and be tempted to switch off, so here you go, here's Magic with some men.

i believe that the gentlemen in the picture have quite a celebrity status within certain circles of a sporting endeavour. splendid if you recognize them. Magic did indeed tell me who they were, but to be honest i was concentrating on the road as i drove so have forgotten, sorry.

and concentration i required, dear reader. we are getting absolutely battered off of some rain and wind here today. not pleasant at all, but it could be worse. for a start, there's no / not much flooding (a wave did sort of go over my car earlier), and people generally behave on the roads here. well, they do at least in comparison to the rather mental, if not bezerk, way one takes to the streets of Johannesburg.

a somewhat clearer picture of my co-pilot and i at the control of my wheels? Magic is as Magic does, so to speak, and here is a picture along those lines off of the Magic.

yes, indeed that is a better picture. Magic is better at these selfie things than i am, it seems. also he clocked that if he put the lights on in my (parked and ignition off, concerned constabulary members) car, then the picture would be better.

looking at the above, i believe i need to shave if not trim my beard. it would seem i have a sort of wildman Catweazle or Wurzel Gummage thing on the go.

what is it, exactly, that Magic does when he's not being my co-pilot and taking selfies? he is a man with many strings to his bow. i think the one string he would care for me to highlight here is that he is, as point of fact, the senior political editor for the celebrated Middlesbrough Events website. also, once upon a time, many years ago, it turns out that Magic once lived down the road and around the corner from me. strange that we have met once more then. small, funny world, etc.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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