Friday, November 25, 2016

four go mad in Saltburn

hello there

pretty much what the title says, my friends. oh no, look you see, i be not one of the four going mad, so fear not, no need to avert your eyes on the off chance that an image of me would appear. no, instead then, it's that the boys went off of another jolly, perhaps spectacular outing, with the Harlo's.

oh yes indeed, that is the four of them, all off and going to do all sorts of mad things in Saltburn, as the title some what suggests if not outright promises.

this was all as recently as last weekend, which means that yes, they went off to a coastal region of the North East of England during November. whilst many parallels - synergies and symmetries if you like - exist between Saltburn and, say, St Tropez or Ibiza, there are not quite so many that one would normally find the climate of Saltburn during this particular month to be in any way tropical or Mediterranean.

but hey, Saltburn is smart, and visiting the place at any time of the year is considerably better than not.

the above, i hope, shows off not only the boys having fun, but also how Saltburn simply doesn't have that Mediterranean climate to it during November. just as well really, i suppose, for if it did visitors might be tempted to walk around in a decidedly disrobe sort of state and end up getting arrested off of the constabulary. they don't tolerate "that sort of thing" too kindly there; at least not off of outsiders.

for what reason is it that the boys headed off to Saltburn? not sure on the specifics, but chance permitted them to head off with the sensational Harlo's, and that's where they went. in doing so, my (considerably) better half and i were able to go off and do some super special covert secret stuff; the kind of thing that parents are so prone (and expected) to do around this time of year.

and just who needs all that Mediterranean nonsense, anyway, when you have smart blue and orange sort of tyre things on which one can stand? if you need it in this world, or it will make you feel better about life, then Saltburn would surely have it for you.

should you be wondering of Saltburn's skills in respect of the above extends to them possibly having swings, then the answer to this is most decidedly yes.

yes, sorry, i know the most strikingly visible aspect of the last two pictures is the proclivity of the boys to wear shoes of many colours. they are influenced by footballers and something called "fashion" in this respect. as far as i am concerned, shoes should be brown when wearing blue jeans, white when playing tennis or cricket, and black in all other instances.

did they all dine in Saltburn? but of course. where? no idea, except that i get the idea that it was posh. when we ask the boys about eating, their eyes light up. we ask the name of the place from them and they say they don't know, but that it was posh, dead posh, real posh, soooo posh, proper posh and a number of other variations of posh that i cannot recall.

should the absolute most bestest and poshest dining facility in Saltburn - perhaps the known universe - be of interest to you, then the best i can do is advise you that it's a "big glass place" to your left as you come off the pier and towards land.

it certainly does sound quite posh. i dare say that i have passed it on my numerous travels to Saltburn, but in all likelihood i would have been too busy considering Art Garfunkel or something to have considered to stop and do something as trivial as eat.

was it quite safe for the boys to have been climbing over this fence in the way that they were, mindful of that being a not really insignificantly steep drop down to some most splendid concrete below? presumably yes, and anyway it doesn't matter as they were returned to us relatively unscathed.

anyway, i have some matters i must attend to.

thank you, family and friends, for stopping by to have a gander. i trust you've enjoyed another update, or if you like insight, into how the boys are getting on!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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