Monday, October 13, 2014

Rodriguez in New Zealand

hello there

this blog has gone a bit top heavy with New Zealand of late, has it not? sorry about that, anyone else from around the world wants to send me stuff and i shall shove it on here to create some sort of balance for you.

anyway, my sister went off to see that Rodriguez bloke in concert and took a picture. i know this because she sent it to me. is it being show here? yes it is.

Rodriguez is class. Rodriguez is also someone you cannot be unaware of if you have spent any time at all in South Africa. well worth checking out his vibes if you are unaware of him.

i felt obliged, indeed compelled, to send some pics back to my sister. unfortunately i was not at a gig or anything, so what was on the TV had to do.

here's Brucie, in a smart pink blazer or something, hosting Play Your Cards Right.

and here's Jim Bowen, in a somewhat less pink blazer or suit thing, hosting Bullseye.

there was a really strange obsession with two in 80s gameshows. in Play Your Cards Right it was "you get nowt for a pair, not in this game", and in Bullseye it was "you get nothing for two in a bed".

anyway, here's an absolutely awesome looking dude on that Bullseye show. smart, he looks, i wish i could get away with this style and appearance.

right, next post or so will probably be NZ free, then.

but don't forget, people in New Zealand, this event is coming along soon.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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