Friday, October 24, 2014

threads and trees

hi there

yes, that's right, not much of interest and little time of late. hey ho, have something now, so here we go!

i have got (yet another) new t-shirt. a really smart set of threads it is, man. here, have a look.

that does indeed say Eat, Sleep, Rave, Repeat on it. it is my new philosophy, look you see. the lad that does the music and that at verk - someone we have the forms downloaded for to nominate for an MBE, as point of fact - keeps playing this one, hour long track where them four magic words are the only lyrics.

the people who do all that sort of rave thing at verk, most of them younger than half my present age, said it would be "dead smart" if i "sorted" myself out with this t-shirt, and said that i would "probably" be allowed to go to a rave with them towards the end of the year. nice one, sorted.

is this the likely onset of my mid-life crisis? quite possibly, yes it is. no bad thing so far, if you are asking.

anyway, video. if for some reason you were wondering what the trees look like on one October morning, at around 7:15am, with the arse end of a hurricane battering them, well then here you go.

yeah, i know the quality of the video - or the picture for that matter - is not too great, but there you go. i think to get a better quality of picture or video i would need to get one of them touch screen phones, and that's a big no thank you on that.

with some good fortune things of (pleasant) interest will, as it were, happen, and i shall post the details of them here. if they don't, well, i won't.

many thanks for stopping by.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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