Sunday, October 26, 2014

Bristow on Bullseye

hi there

well, i am sorry to say that certain people i know are not as excited about this as i am, but i am sure some of you will be.

yet again i am blessed enough to be watching some class episodes of Bullseye on TV. last night was pretty good, with Jimmy Greaves being brought on to throw some darts for some charity or other such sh!t, but tonight was even better.

oh yes, that is indeed exactly who you think it is. that's Eric Bristow, MBE, the self-styled crafty cockney.

if you have no idea who or what that is, imagine Jim Davidson, only with talent, an obvious skill, a definite purpose for living and considerably less interest being invoked by members of the constabulary.

he has a book out, too - Eric Bristow MBE on Eric Bristow MBE by Eric Bristow MBE, or something like that it's called.  i might well pick it up. could be good reading, that, especially if he gives over a chapter - or perhaps two - to his appearance on Bullseye.

that is indeed Eric Bristow MBE stood by the legendary Jim Bowen. note how unassuming and casual Eric Bristow MBE is as he flat refuses to upstage Jim Bowen who is bravely having a go at pulling off wearing three shades of blue.

i hope you appreciate the excellence of this as much as i did, or at least more than certain people i could mention did.

UPDATE!!!! and in the very next episode, look!!!!!!!!!!!!!

someone actually won the class speedboat that they keep offering as a prize. nice one!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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