Wednesday, October 29, 2014

frosty cows

hi there

today, as i waited for the bus, i was treated to a number of things. one of them was certainly the bitter, somewhat crisp and most certainly frosty chill in the air. quite cold it was. i am thinking that i need to wear something more substantial than a short sleeved shirt, really. however, i then remember that i am of Yorkshire, and if anything a short sleeved shirt in this weather is excessive, nancy boy over dressing.

other than that, i got to see some cows in the field over from where the bus stop is. that is, of course, as a consequence of them not placing the bus stop in the middle of a field.

yes, those are indeed fallen autumn leaves beautifying the road. i know my blueberry does not do the best pictures in the world, but i trust that the above shows off both the cows and the frosty nature of the weather that had touched the grass.

indeed i did for some reason think that some of you would probably have an interest, vested or otherwise, in watching a video of these cows, look you see. here, then, is the video.

did any of the bulls, as it were, "get it on" with the cows? i know you want to know and i know that is what you are asking. one certainly tried their luck, but the cow was having absolutely none of it, since you ask. i imagine that other than it being cold, this was all around 7am, and so the cow probably had not even had any coffee yet.

i cannot think of many, if any, reasons why any of this would be of interest to someone, but if it was, well then so much the better, and i am glad that i could bring this to you.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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