Sunday, October 26, 2014

Eat Sleep Rave Repeat

yo dudes

yeah, i am down with what the kids are grooving to and that, hence the slightly different from usual introduction there. bangin', man.

when i am not laying down some vibes, or raving, i am of course off modelling my new threads that profess my love for all things rave. that's why the chaps down the race club call me Mr Rave, look you see.

to that extent, here i am striding around the village earlier today (as opposed to later) in my new shirt.

indeed, as the above picture reveals, it was a trifle windy today, hence me looking a good deal more windswept that usual. i know, usually my hair has a lot more effort put into it, but not today. and yes, i trust a few of you recognize that rather famous establishment right there behind me.

also yes, i know, you cannot see too much of my class new Eat Sleep Rave Repeat t-shirt in the above.  hang on, we are getting there.

you can see a bit more of the t-shirt in this picture, i suppose. i wasn't going to use this one due to the lack of visibility of the t-shirt in it, but as it looks rather smart (compared to the usual standard of pictures of me) i thought i had best leave it. well, not so much as leave it as use it here.

the skies this weekend have indeed been the somewhat interesting blend you see before you, or if you prefer to the side of this text. when dark clouds have not covered as far as the eye can see, moments of brightness have pervaded. we have also had a spot of drizzle every now and then, as unusual as that is for England during the month of October.

what i think i like most about this picture is that you can see what it says without seeing what it says, as it were. and yes, oh yes, this whole post, if you have not yet worked it out, is all going to be pictures of me. if for some reason you have not, or had not, worked this one out, well now you know, and feel free to skip the rest of this post if that idea offends you. you would, however, miss out on some reasonably class pictures of my smart new t-shirt; pictures in which my face is not as visible as it usually would be.

like, for instance, this one

yes, that is indeed one of them there hockey masks i have on in the picture. many thanks to my (considerably) better half for taking that one, as she in fact did with the rest of them. also added some art effects to the images, as you can see, look you see.

except for the ones, like the next one, which were taken with my iPod with Commodore 64 mode on.

yes, that is indeed a welcome return for scan lines of Commodore 64 mode in pictures on this blog.

i think i am going to look pretty bloody smart down the rave with this mask and this t-shirt on. well, smart up to a point, and that point would be when i start to dance. if i do start.

another artsy type of picture? sure.

that's movie quality, that one. it would be boss, in an absolute sense, if they did one of them Friday 13th films with Jason looking like i do above. yeah, i am thinking of getting a machete, or indeed even a harpoon gun, to perfect the look. well, it's Halloween and what have you soon, i suppose. that would certainly explain why i was all of a sudden able to get an ice hockey mask with my regular groceries.

another one? sure.

that's with the other Commodore 64 mode camera thingie on the iPod. that one is perhaps not as scary as the other pictures, but i think it looks rather smart anyway.

i would imagine you are all getting a bit bored of these pictures by now, so go on then, one more.

oh i like that one, i do. weird, though, as they do not look like how i think my eyes look at all.

right, that's quite enough pictures of me for one blog post, i think. do sleep well.

wow, this clock change thing is disorientating. it feels earlier than it should, but also later than it should. most peculiar.

more as and when something of interest happens! hope you've all had a boss weekend!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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