Tuesday, October 28, 2014


hello there

well, then, that's ten months of the current adventure, turn in life, interlude or whatever you like, look you see. did i take a selfie as a consequence? yes of course i did.

i am not sure i captured all of the rain and the wind that was on the go as i struggled from verk to the bus station, but i suspect enough of it. yes, indeed i was, look you see, thinking what a good idea this was, coming home, deciding how much i loved the bus and that to get to and from the places i wished and needed to be. especially when it gets depressingly dark at around 3pm.

yes, indeed i am truly loving it. the lack of needing to drive everywhere is a major plus, and i was never really built for sun anyway. but enough of this, onwards to a bit earlier today and a tramp or similar vagrant staggering into the bookies at around 8am this morning.

i took this picture for the benefit of Spiros, who has an interest in such things. he was most pleased to get this picture sent to him. he was, however, disappointed that i did not approach him and make an effort to befriend him. Spiros for some reason thought that this chap would be an excellent source of inside information for laying down some bets, in particular on the Rugby World Cup next year.

it just did not, frankly, seem appropriate to approach the chap. not whilst i was having breakfast; a breakfast less intoxicating (somewhat) than this chap had apparently had.

i must say i seem still rather disorientated by this whole clock thing. let me retire for the evening, see if some sleep helps.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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