Friday, October 17, 2014

Match Attax Print Me Cards

hi there

i spotted an offer quite by accident. it was an offer that, to be honest, i am somewhat amazed the company behind does not advertise and promote a good deal more heavily that they presently do. let me give them a bit of a plug, then, as it is an amazing product.

the boys both love these Match Attax cards. they are basically glorified variants on Top Trumps, as we of a certain generation called them, except these are ones you buy in packets as you go along rather than getting a whole deck at once. 

anyway, on the inside page of a promo leaflet with some sort of book or folder to keep them in i noticed that you could go right ahead and have your own cards printed if you so wished. it seemed like fun, and not too badly priced, so off i went.

not the best picture quality there, granted, but wow! these things are brilliant! i can see me getting some more done, perhaps featuring your humble narrator in one or two!

price? the football ones were £3.99, whereas the Doctor Who ones were £4.99. plus, if i remember right, another £1 each for postage. a bit steep for 4 or 5 cards, maybe, but i mean, look! your own picture, name and whatever stats you can think of!

i am not quite sure why the football ones come in for a lower price, in particular as it features an "exclusive" one that you only get when ordering them. granted, it's only a shiny silver one of everyone's least favourite player, Wayne Rooney, but it will somewhat annoy collectors that want to get them all.

they also do a Star Wars set. who knows, maybe i will get some done of me as a Vulcan or one of them Cylon things off of it.

anyway, to link it again, are these Print Me On A Card things worth it? oh yes indeed! the quality is superb, and the boys think they are the best thing ever!

have fun if you decide to have a go!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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