Monday, October 27, 2014

more threads and same trees

hi there

just a follow up to this post over here now that the clocks have changed once more. it's probably, to make this more relevant, a good idea to click the above and watch the video. if you can, it being all dark and what have you.

that was then, this is now. we had the clocks go back an hour over the weekend. the reasons for this were all to do with harvest this, world war that - basically, a means to boost productivity. they have left it alone, for the most part, to allow people to go to work and - most importantly - children to go to school with the skies being light.

here, this video was taken of the same trees at the same time as the video above.

quite a difference, no? long may this remain, then.

there is a case for certain countries to do the same thing for similar reasons, or just put in different time zones to allow people to travel in the morning in safety. South Africa is one in particular, with the region known as the Western Cape (where that Cape Town and that is, look you see) geographically suited to be on a different time zone to the rest of the country.

a two time zone system will not, of course, happen in South Africa. the Government dismissed the idea as "not economically viable" and "logistically impossible". as in, it is far cheaper to just say sorry about how all them schoolkids and people on their way to work got killed because it was dark than it is to do something about it. this of course is fitting in with the logic of his excellency Thabo Mbeki, who clocked that it was far more economically viable to claim that Aids was a made up illuminati conspiracy than it was to do anything about it.

anyway, here's a glimpse of my class new shirt, yes with them trees in the background that you saw in the video just now. if you played the video.

another new shirt? sure, why not. it was £9 in one of them sale things. yeah, i do pretty much - usually - base my clothing purchases on the price. that it looks smart (i think) is a very happy accident. at the same time, and also for £9, i got some new strides too. the web page assured me that they are plum colour, but my eyes say they are brown. a picture of them will follow eventually, i suppose, if for some reason you were wanting to see my strides.

actually that's unfair - i paid nothing for them. no, i did not go shoplifting; my (considerably) better half got them for me. best i point that out before she has a wobbler or something.

speaking of which, you have had far too many pictures of me of late, and not enough of the members of my family that you actually all like. let me fix that, then.

this was taken but a moment ago, assuming you see a moment as relative and being about two or so hours. we were off on a pleasant stroll around the village, embracing and enjoying the tropical ways of the climate.

i am still feeling somewhat disorientated by this clock business. i shall take myself off to bed, then.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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