Tuesday, October 07, 2014

bulgaria, christmas and hammer

hi there

yes, an update here. although i note my readership stats are through the roof, with some 300 of you choosing me today (!) to look back to that fake Kevin Pietersen tweet thing. i can only presume it has something to do with his most recent autobiography coming out today.

anyway, towards Bulgaria.

on an earlier post, not related to KP, although if you are all that interested in what i write about him you may want to look at this about the Kevin Pietersen "problem", i promised that i would post something about Bulgaria. i did, in every sense.

i was browsing what, in a very Style Council sense, could well be my favourite shop, where i get them discs all cheap and that. usually it is DVDs, but now they have a formidable range of CDs too, all for that low down price of, sorry to spoil the gift factor, 49p. it was in the pile of CDs that they had in which i noticed a collection of Bulgarian Custom Songs, which is by the Mystery Of Bulgarian Voices Choir. well, who else would it be by, i suppose? they are known for, as the kids of today say, "owning" the corner of the world that is custom songs out of Bulgaria, look you see. they probably say stuff like "yolo" about it too, whilst they are on the go. i think that one means "you only live once", which if nothing else pretty much confirms that the generation of today as totally given up on anything James Bond taught us.

a better look at the CD? certainly. why not.

so, what's the CD like? is it bangin'? does it feature quality vibes? is it a solid sound recording? i have no idea at all, i fear. i just bunged it in the post to someone. someone, as it turns out, who seems really quite pleased to have got it, so there you go. they like it so it must be smart.

some of you are probably rather eager to see the track listing, just to check out that all the top tunes from the world of Bulgarian Mystery are included. oddly, the low quality of the blueberry camera pictures does not affect this, as it's all in a funny language so you can't read it anyway.

that's probably all in Bulgarian or summat, that is. if you are Bulgarian, or fluent in the words and that, and are for some reason reading this, let me know if you can be bothered.

anyway, it's Christmas soon-ish, and so that can only mean one thing - traditional Christmas jumpers. the shops, well the one shop i went into, are stocking up on all the latest outrageous fashions and styles associated with festive wear. here is a look at them.

some of them are even more special than they look here, as they have lights and everything on them. yes, actual lights with bulbs and that.

the market for Christmas fashions is virtually all people buying it for other people on the assumption that, as it has been bought for them, that they will feel compelled to wear it. and people do do that.

what would i do if/when someone gets me one? i am not too convinced anyone would trouble to do that for me, but mostly i would be impressed that they found one my size. would i wear it? sure, why not? good way to start fights and that, i suppose. or conversations.

anyway, have i purchased any other Bulgarian related CDs and posted them to someone? yes.

ok, so the above is not strictly speaking Bulgarian in the pure sense of mystery, but it's more or less the same thing. who is getting this one, as in which prick that posts stuff to me will soon have it? they should find out during the course of this week.

right, no idea when i will return of something of interest, but will only come back when i have something of interest.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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