Wednesday, October 08, 2014

crap, convoluted James Earl Jones joke

Hi there

yay me, a CD i ordered arrived after the second order i placed. what happened to the first? no idea at all; a rare failure from Royal Mail, it seems.

what CD? why, the soundtrack for The Rules Of Attraction. a simply superb film adaptation of a novel from a time when Bret Easton Ellis was not, as hard as this is to believe, a complete dick. well, i suppose he is not a complete dick now, in fairness, but boy sometimes does he try.

what's the film like? it's a dark, harrowing, deeply disturbing and perversely funny odyssey. it is far from being for everyone's tastes, and remains little viewed around the world. which is a shame, as it's a brilliant film in its own right and a stern lesson to all and sundry about how one can successfully transform a book to the movies.

the crap, convoluted James Earl Jones joke i promised? sure, but here's the CD cover first. it's not the cover they wanted to use, believe me.

right, so let's assume that James Earl Jones is a big, big fan of The Rules Of Attraction. i mean, really big. he loves the film so much, right, that he buys, like i did, the soundtrack CD.

he is obviously delighted to have the otherwise rare Tomandandy tracks (although Suicide Solution seems to be absent) and of course most pleased to find the classics from The Cure, Blondie and Yazoo present, bar the fact that Yazoo are billed as "Yaz". he is also most pleased to find the genius that is The Gentleman Who Fell by Milla Jovovich is on it.

but he is also displeased. why? because the famous George Michael song from the film is not on the CD. some of you will guess where this is going.

so, James Earl Jones stares at the CD, right, and says "i find your lack of Faith disturbing".

you were warned it was a crap and convoluted joke.

for those who don't get the cultural reference important to at least understanding, if not appreciating, that joke, here is the explanation to clarify. 

yeah, it's disappointing that Faith is not on the CD. was a lovely moment in the movie, some rare light relief for the viewer with a rather sensational bit of homoerotic fooling around.

but everything else is awesome, in particular the lavish, if somewhat graphic, artwork. in particular, with respect to graphic, the image they opted for on the CD face.

not much else, really. i am off to transfer the CD to the iTwat thing to have a listen to it, for that is the only way i can listen to vibes right now.

so yeah. this post really was all about how chuffed i was about thinking of a James Earl Jones joke. so, in a very real sense, thanks to George Michael for making this all possible by refusing permission to let them put the song on the soundtrack CD.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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