Sunday, October 26, 2014

something interesting i noticed on bank notes

hi there

i was just tending, or if you prefer attending, to some mild financial affairs when i noticed something most peculiar. i have no idea why i spotted this, it just caught my eye, so to speak.

on three different notes - all of which, so far as i know, are legit - three different chief cashiers have signed them. here, have a look for yourself. well, OK, the detail is not that great, but you can still work out that it's three different people, even if you can't work out the different names.

either these bank notes last an awful long time, or the job of chief cashier is so absolutely mental that people quit the post after a very short amount of time. i am not surprised if the latter is true. fancy having to sign all them bank notes, in particular with such a crap choice of colour pen and so small.

actually, no, that wasn't too interesting was it, sorry. here, have another fancy picture done up all nice by my (considerably) better half of me in my class new t-shirt.

i hope that in some small way makes up, an apology if you like, look you see, for the disappointment about the thing about bank notes not being as interesting as i may have made it out to be.

that will do for today, methinks.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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