Friday, October 03, 2014

mist, alien and roadworks

hello there

sorry for going back to the more regular lower level of updates? it has been one of those weeks, one in which i have been somewhat busy, distracted and not really had all of too much to write about here. hey ho, we are here now, so forwards not backwards.

except, of course, to go backwards to earlier this week with some pictures. since i am presently unable to take or present pictures of next  week. i am getting quite confused here and so i will just go on to say here is a picture from during the week.

yes, mist. tuesday, if i recall, no less. a really misty morning it was. how misty? very. like, wow, everything has vanished behind or into the mist misty. that misty.

why am i troubling you with images of mist? something to share, is it not. i thought that one or two people out there who have not experienced this mist for a while might quite like, for some reason, to see it, if not experience it.

also, some people have never ever seen the mist, and so they might find this interesting.

the above is indeed mist covering the corner of a road. quite class that was. it made crossing this road really awesome and excellent. cars even had their lights on coming out of the mist and into visibility, right, and i could not see them until they were just about up to me. led to a bit of a quick trotting to my walk as i crossed over, in truth.

have i, you might be wondering, bought any more really class, film related t-shirts that are far too big for me? why yes, indeed i have.

i was looking for some new smart-ish work shirts, you know, ones with buttons, collars and other such sh!t, but then i spotted this one and that was pretty much that. the budget for any sort of proper shirts pretty much went in the direction of this. shame.

if you are looking at that shirt and asking "what on earth is that all about" (hello, Dad), presumably you have missed the Alien films that have been made over the last few years. well, last few decades. some of them are rather good, you know, well worth watching.

but you probably want to see some more mist, yeah? here you go.

in the above we are indeed missing cows. what you can see, however, are some autumn leaves upon the ground.

there is nothing finer, ladies and gentlemen, that seeing crisp, brown leaves upon the ground once more. it does, if you will indulge me, my heart good to see them, to hear the crackle of them underfoot, to sense that distinct, perhaps best described as off-musk scent.

here's a really bad picture of some.

anyway, on to a last look, for now, at some mist. this is the field across from where i catch the bus, look you see, which is the same field as above, just from around the corner. indeed usually there are cows in this field, but i did not spot any in amongst the mist. perhaps they were in disguise, or maybe they were just still in their cow house, or wherever it is a cow lives. shed, probably.

a couple of my chums, not that i want to name Sharpy or JG, have recently had some very funny ideas about cows. peculiar, some might even suggest, but certainly not of a nature i am prepared to discuss here, thank you very much indeed.

anyway, here, from a non-misty day, is a cow in a field. not just any field, but the very field you see in the picture above. and it's a video too, just to complete the whole sort of "immersion" effect for you.

am i, you may well be asking, likely to be of a mind to post something of a more Bulgarian nature at any point? why yes, at the risk of being mysterious, yes i am. but not at this very moment i am afraid.

in the mean time, though, here's a better look at the design off of my class new t-shirt.

and that's about it, really. except really it isn't. i see in the title i promised roadworks, and as i have uploaded pictures to that effect, here we go.

except that they are not really roadworks as such, they are more works that are happening by the road.

it looks very much like this is all the business of the water people, to be honest. i nearly wrote it is the business of the water board, but they are not called that anymore and water boarding is something that these days means something very different indeed from what it did.

it's like "LOL", i guess. for many years - decades - "LOL" meant "lots of love", and was how people signed off letters. now, thanks to some nerdy computer types a few years ago who seem to think they have invented "language", "LOL" means "laugh out loud", apparently. because it would be too much effort to type "that was funny" or "ha!", i guess.

anyway, more of them there roadworks that are not roadworks but water works.

good work, those people, and i am sure that the water and that will be fixed soon, and my bus stand will go back to being unblemished by all of this.

just realised that some friends and family might take this the wrong way, since South Africa has been without water for two or so weeks. no, it was not intended as a dig or anything.

anyway, that's that - more when something of interest happens.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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