Sunday, April 30, 2017


hello there

this post would be a bit of rounding out the total number of posts for the month, then. i seem to have not done so many updates here of late, look you see, so here's one more for those that like quantity over quality. although the quality is of course and as ever debatable.

also i seem to have quite a few things (three, i believe) related to all that Star Wars stuff to shove on here. quite a few of you are enthusiastic about things to do with space battles, i know, but it would be rather dull to show them all off at once. so, then, to mix it up a bit, here's a bit of merchandising i got related to the most recently released of these films, and further got on the cheap.

indeed yes, as you can in a peculiar way see quite clearly in the clarity of Commodore 64 mode, i have procured some new coasters for our home. not just any coasters, mind. these are Star Wars Rogue One coasters. and not just any old Star Wars Rogue One coasters, but rather 3D ones.

is it me or did all the excitement and interest in Rogue One come and go in a way that's even more disposable than the usual modern standards? i mean, it was a pretty good film, but somewhat forgettable. a lot of that could be down to attention now all being on the next Star Wars 'proper' film, The Last Vulcan or whatever.

but also the merchandising, at least by Star Wars and Disney standards, seemed to be a good deal lower down in key level with Rogue One. to the extent that what merchandising did turn up, like this one, now seems to be getting sold off at a quite reasonable if not ultra low price.

that's the 8, or if you like eight, different coasters in the pack, then. sorry that the 3D element does not come across too well in the image. that effect probably would if i had still got my blackberry phone with a camera welded on, but we all need to move forward with that.

at £3.99 for the set i cannot argue too much, although many might wonder why there's 6 of the bad guys in the film and ostensibly 2 alone of the good guys. or vice versa, if you believe that the Empire was in the right, and simply trying to keep the galaxy safe and secure. yes, in fractions just ever so slightly north of 49p a coaster.

is this a valid form of merchandising tie-in? i suspect actually it is. whilst i don't recall the finer details of the film i have every confidence that at some point at least one character would have liked something to drink. placing the chalice or other fluid receptacle used on a coaster is quite likely, as them spaceships look expensive and stylish - you wouldn't want to stain or damage them.

indeed yes, that's just the coasters once more, presented in Commodore 64 mode for those who, like me, greatly appreciate this way of seeing the world.

what am i going to do with these coasters? use them in the intended, if not conventional, way. nothing really comes to mind in terms of any flamboyant or creative alternate use, i fear. no, as it happens, we did not need new coasters so finding these at such a splendid price was not as fortuitous as it could have been, but quite smart all the same.

anyway, i have things to do, or which must be done, and you probably do too. should you be quite the fan of either coasters or Rogue One then i sincerely hope that this has been of some interest to you.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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