Saturday, February 11, 2017

the guardians of a loveless isle

hi there

it has been, look you see, something of a tempestuous week. this would be if you happen to define tempestuous as being one of change and adjustment, as it happens. and, of course, the testing if not all quite that torrid weather.

when such things flame into being it can be, no matter what your faith or what you believe in, something of a blessed relief when certain elements stay if not the same then quite the same.

whilst that is a distant, or if you like establishing, shot, there can be no doubt that the regular readers of this blog, peculiar bunch that they are, know exactly what the above is all a return of. for those of you who are not regular readers of this blog i would respectfully venture to suggest that you really aren't missing all that much, but know that you are all very welcome.

it has, it feels, been quite a while since the sight of abandoned footwear has greeted me on my travels through this world. this would be, i suspect, the first such instance of it this year, and it was quite a while back into 2016 that i can recall the last one. i had taken this that the people out of a night were taking considerably more care to retain their footwear, or were otherwise attending various social orientated venues in a more barefoot approach.

what's that above? why, it's my old university library card, now some 21 years old. 21 years and a month, as it happens, looking at the date on the back of it. this got handed back to me by Gran earlier today, after she had found it whilst looking for some stuff. yes, it is in Commodore 64 mode for your enhanced viewing pleasure.

in returning to the abandoned footwear, which undoubtedly you find more fascinating that any sort of library membership i had, you're probably wondering where it is where i spotted it. actually, no you are not. you will know, then, that as usual this was left in the vicinity of the celebrated Club Bongo International club, a venue renowned for years as a social place for people to meet socially and be, well social.

assuming, of course, that the way in which the patrons of the place lose 50% of their footwear does indeed happen in a sociably social way, and not as a consequence of a disagreement which has led to a bout of fisticuffs or similar.

one of the interesting this about this, the abandoned rather high heeled, quasi platform shoe of prosperity and beauty is that it laid, presumably in the spot where it fell, untouched and unremoved for some three days. i would very much like to think that it was left so out of respect for the patron - presumably a lady - who left it behind, with many suspecting it to be a good idea to leave it where left in case she elected to return to collect it.

that said, it is however far more likely that the people passing it by tutted some, and said "well really" under their breath, whilst scowling, lamenting the decline of modern standards and composing a letter in their minds to a suitable newspaper to decry the ills of "broken Britain".

also a lot would have walked along and looked away, not wanting to see it in case they got involved with some police enquiry, should it transpire that the constabulary are looking for it in relation to a criminal matter. 

no dear reader, fear not - the above is not a hack or hacking attempt on my site here. it is a screenshot of a most ambitious and indeed widespread hacking attack which affected many, many websites earlier this week. it was carried out by however you say the name above, although of course i would suspect that this is not their real name.

should you or anyone you know have been affected, indeed knacked, by this hack, then it is the case that you need to update if not upgrade to the latest version of WordPress, WP 4.7.2, to ensure that your safety and security settings prevent, for now, a further assault by those that carried out this one.

strangely it is the case that a disproportionately high number of the sites affected by the above were based in Ireland. it is something of a mystery as to why someone would have gone to the effort to bring the above message mostly to the attention of the Irish, but there you go.

a closer, indeed final since it has in fact now been removed, look at the fancy abandoned shoe? surely.

it is, if only to my mind, certainly a most splendid one, it clearly being exotic, exquisite and smart, oozing as it does the presumed sophistication and class of the owner.

should it have been that my imagination was of a different nature i suppose i could have taken the time to jazz all of this up in some sort of Cinderella referencing story. should you have some disappointment in that it is not, well, you could always just take these images and set your own blog up where you do that yourself.

anyway, time for me to get on with things. nothing in particular, just things.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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