Sunday, February 12, 2017

a pleasure denied


of all those who would say that i am sometimes prone to peculiar interests i, look you see, would place myself at the forefront of such a gathering. i'm quite aware of my curiosities, if perhaps not my limitations as a consequence of them.

no, this isn't one of those "be yourself" inspirational sort of posts, although if you do choose, or rather elect, to take it that way then that's nice. this is all rather to do with my interest, or if you like passion, for seeing various dairy products with quite specific dates on them.

sadly, it seems, i am to be denied such pleasures this year. as you can see on the one row there, the milk i found is all dated around, or if you like either side, of the one i would want to see.

why was this the case? who knows. perhaps the cow overlords who determine the lifespan of the bovine produce (or whatever the fancy way of saying milk is) felt like they would make life all awkward and difficult for me this year, making it so that i could not see the date i wished.

also, it could be one of them conspiracy things. the date that i wanted on the milk happens to fall on a Saturday this year. recently, and i cannot be bothered searching for the story, someone worked out that crisps always have a Saturday as their expiry or best before date. perhaps there is some sort of link in all of this, one which sees milk never expire or reach a state of staleness on a Saturday so as to leave the field clear for crisps.

pies, in particular pies what have some lovely pork in them, is where it's at this year, then. when in need, it would seem, one may always trust and rely on Yorkshire to deliver the goods.

so yes, sure, whilst milk would normally be my "thing" for this, i am delighted that some brave and presumably quite plucky pigs stepped up and agreed to be slaughtered for pies in such a way that their best before date would strike upon a particular point on the calendar that i for some reason wished to see printed on a consumer item.

it is indeed cold here, and flakes of snow seem to trickle past my window. indeed, maybe this is interfering with the mechanisms of my mind and as a result that's why i have taken the time to write all of this.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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