Sunday, February 05, 2017

seen and not seen


some more delving into the past for you, then. this would be standard i suppose as, alas, i have no power to peer into the future, look you see.

this time round the discovery, if it may be termed as such, comes not from me digging through boxes of memories. no. here we go with the great courtesy and grace of Richard, who forwarded on some pictures of something that which if i had ever stopped to think of at all i would have thought was long since gone.

should you look upon the above and see no more than my name stencilled on some wood, possibly in a fashion which is carved in and then gone over with a marker or felt tip pin, then a truth is with you. the rather interesting, to me at least, thing is exactly what and where is wood may be found.

quite clearly, i would think, the wood is part of a bed. indeed this was, once, my bed. many years ago. as in this bed is off of a place no lesser, and arguably with few that would challenge a status of none more splendid, than Australia.

well, splendid would be argumentative. how about we say none more Australian than Australia, yes?

no, the above is not related at all. it's just the calendar page this month on some sort of Star Wars calendar what i got on the cheap. i am reasonably sure that i posted the images for January off of it, so figured i might as well keep this going. yes, indeed, that is some more concept art off of the first Space Battles film.

anyway, beds in Australia. no, not beds which are burning in Australia, you cheeky Midnight Oil fans forever on the look for a means to crack a joke. what with all our travels around the world, and the fact that these would have long since been outgrown, i would have taken it as a given that these beds were long since gone. they have, when all is said and done, travelled from Australia to England and then onwards  to South Africa, the latter being the answer to the "where are they now" question.

indeed i did share these bunk beds with Richard, and it is as stated above Richard who forwarded on the images. he has reassembled them for the benefit of his offspring, or if you like children, and kindly sent on these very pictures you see.

and yes, Richard enthusiasts, here you go, here he is presumably chilling after assembling them.

who slept where upon these bunk beds, or if you like and word things in such a way beds of bunk? for a while i believe i slept on the top. an unfortunate incident, however, saw me fall from it and break one of my arms (i have two, if you were wondering). after that i am all but certain that i was prohibited from sleeping on the top ever again.

Fraser, a very good friend, once explained to me and Spiros how sleeping arrangements for bunk beds in prison are established and earned. i would not care to share the explicit details of how the order of who sleeps where inside a prison cell is set. it is knowledge that convinced me to remain firmly on the correct side of the law, however, which is to say the side that does not see one go to prison. Spiros, in contrast, reckoned that what Fraser told him is probably stuff he would do anyway, and so has no fear of such incarceration.

did Richard too carve his name into the wood associated with his bed of the bunk beds? why yes he did, and indeed did so with far more flair, imagination and creativity than i.

should the approximate time of purchase translate to the inception date of these beds - and i have no idea as to if they were new when we got them, or for how long they may have stood stored prior to our use - they are then some 36 years old. and going strong, it seems. hard stuff, Australian wood, then.

nice one for keeping them in good order, Richard, and even more nice one for kindly sending on the images. a most splendid stroll down the lane of memories!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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