Friday, February 03, 2017

sketchy doodles


one of the more popular type of well liked posting updates i do from time to time here for you, dear reader.

my (considerably) better half is prone, or if you like has a passion, look you see, for doing doodles. over the months, years perhaps, here i have had instance to share some of her celebrated painty doodles with you. for a change, then, here are some sketchy doodles, for they were sketched with a pen.

sketch, pedantic fans, might i yield if not concede be a term retained for the use of images drawn, or if you like sketched, with a pencil. no matter, we shall call them sketchy doodles regardless, for i would have thought that anyone quite so pedantic to take me to task on such terminology would have long since given up on reading all of this here.

if the above strikes you as being somewhat Halloween in nature for a sketchy doodle that is undoubtedly due to the fact that it stems from the rather more Halloween period of the calendar than which we find ourselves now, unless you are reading this one October. sorry, if you had thought that these were all recent, or if you like cutting edge, sketchy doodles then you are quite mistaken. this is more of a bringing together of them.

provenance of the sketchy doodles, then? collated and collected over time. we were sorting through some papers of negligible consequence and stumbled upon them.

the above, as will be the case with the remaining two, were produced on the medium of some of that "post it" paper. you can see, if you look with some care, the discolouration strip on one side of each, for that is where the semi quasi glue of post it paper would be.

is this a medium that my (considerably) better half has a preference for expressing her art through? not particularly. no, it's normally that when she is awaiting some sort of differential node engine to work its magic on a calculation she has little to do but watch the Windows hour glass spin and turn, and so doodles away as she waits for some sort of fabulous report to be generated.

i too, as it happens, do some doodles when i am waiting for similar things. normally on a reporter's book rather than "post it " paper. and no, nowhere near as good in quality. what do i draw? usually images of Arnold Schwarzenegger in cinematic character punching an animal.

in respect of the above, i would appear to have a particular passion for drawing Arnold as Conan off of Conan The Barbarian, recreating that bit where he punches a camel in the face and knocks it out. i would draw the one where he punches a reindeer and then gives it beer - Jingle All The Way i think - but the antlers are quite tricky.

actually, i find camels quite tricky to draw too. and Arnold. normally, on the rare instances when i have shown the people my art, they are unanimous in being aware of it being a picture of Arnold Schwarzenegger punching an animal in the face as part of a film plot only after i have explained that it is in fact an image of that.

there is no such quarrel, of course, with the clarity and quality of sketchy doodles which my (considerably) better half does. and has allowed me to share with you.

yes, i quite too really rather like the "page curl" part what she has drawn on the above one. the above one which is indeed a different shade to all them other "post it" note papers, but is i assure you still a piece of "post it" note paper. or, you know, whatever it is so called.

and so yes, i have run out of sketchy doodles to show you right now, so i know you will have lost all interest in the remainder of this blog post. best i leave it there, then.

many thanks indeed once again to my (considerably) better half for letting me show off her talents here.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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