Wednesday, February 08, 2017

hard edge the hipster jiving


just one of them sort of posts where i bring some random elements together for the sake of something to post here, really. some of you, look you see, find this to be entertaining, so it's all good i suppose. or at least hope, if not quite trust.

it is not, so far as i know, the circumstance that i have been actively within the realm of Sheffield for some quarter of a century. this has not been a deliberate avoidance as such, but rather that no reason i can think of has taken me there. it's feasible that i have passed through, or visited in passing, but i cannot recall.

anyway, someone i know very much has been, and it is from there that they sent me this image, an image of what is ostensibly a painted tribute to David Bowie.

now, without being unkind, if you are looking at that there above image and suspect that the intended likeness of David Bowie, in Aladdin Sane guise, has gone somewhat wrong, you are not alone. far from it, as point of fact, for i feel the same way.

it's hard to tell what the proposed intention is, really. perhaps it isn't intended to be a Bowie tribute at all, but rather, in some move of vanity perhaps, the store owner - or the artist, if not one in the same - elected to present them on a wall with the famous lightning flash. or maybe google on that "internet" thing led them astray, and when the artist thought they were looking at David Bowie they were actually looking at Ryan Giggs.

should the above actually be intended to be a reflection of David Bowie as the world understood him to look, then surely this is the very personification of that whole "keep calm and carry on" slogan. at some point, surely and early, they must have been aware that it "wasn't looking quite right", but pressed on all the same, or if you like regardless. if so, bravo, sometimes passion is better than perfection, after all.

yes, indeed the above is a picture taken in Commodore 64 mode off of my new phone, rather than with the "classic" mode featuring scan lines like how you can do with an Apple product. some like the above, whereas others do not.

it is absolutely one of them Star Wars branded items of merchandise. yes, i know - quite rare, for there seems to be a reluctance to exploit this particular brand for financial gain. this is, as point of fact, a mug, and reflects the branding of that most recent film, Rogue One, or rather Renegade Ten as i have often pointed out it should be more properly called.

was this at all a gift from my erstwhile if  occasional co-pilot, Magic, by any chance? why yes it was, a most generous and welcome one. one also that he handed to me in person, rather than, for a complete and utter random comparison example, leaving on my doorstep. a doorstep which would have taken some tracking down, not knowing my address prior to doing so.

there has not, in moving on, been much in the way of items abandoned on the street for me to picture and share with you here. actually, there has, but my new phone is somewhat more tricky to take out and prepare for a quick picture than what my blueberry phone was.

but still, from time to time i do manage to get an image. actually, no that's wrong, in this instance i did indeed manage to get an image for you.

yes, i took a closer image so that you can see what it is, we shall have a look at it later. or right now, i suppose, if you are all in some sort of rush and simply scroll down a couple of images. up to you, really, do what you like.

it is not just Sheffield where people send me pictures off of. no, far from it, and indeed further away. Spiros has been off conducted more jolly and merry images around the world, and sent this picture.

whilst conducting some top level stuff that requires his skill and ability as the greatest legal mind of his generation Spiros, as enthusiasts of the chap and his exploits here will know, quite likes to have a drink. he also likes to meet fellow minded gents to make short term but all the same mutually beneficial friendships with. he saw this place, Happy, and decided that it was probably a euphemism for another positive word, such as jolly or merry or cheer. or, indeed, gay. so off he went to have a drink and see if there were any gentlemen in there.

were there? to tell the truth he has not told me as such, so possibly no. or maybe yes, but he just didn't feel it appropriate to discuss exactly what forms the short term friendships he struck up took.

if you wanted to look at more of the ways in which Sheffield has elected to celebrate David Bowie then i am happy to agree to this. although, in truth, it was something else in the below image, also sent to me rather than taken by me as such, that caught my attention.

the above does indeed reflect some most splendid items of popular music celebration. all of them look really rather smart.

i would be certain that you can spot what from the above i would want. if not, then look with more care and concern at the coffee mugs. at the tope one would see one which features the artwork off of the Talking Heads album True Stories. not my favourite album by the band, for sure to be sure, but i do quite like the way it looks there.

sadly, purchasing the mug from this store looks all but impossible, alas. it would appear, for all the world to see, that some rather ultra faction of hipsters owns and runs this store. that could, in this day and age of a golden era of celebratory commerce, be the only possible reason why this shop runs on a very exclusive basis. as in, by all accounts, they only open to allow you to spend coins of money with them on a Saturday, and even then just for five hours.

which five hours? not sure. none, however, that i am likely to be in Sheffield for.


that is indeed the close up, promised or hinted at earlier, of the most recent item to have been spotted abandoned on the roads. or, at the least, the one that i was able to photograph for you. and, in truth, i did not a first spot it - Magic did, and asked why such an abandonment had not featured here as yet. well that's that fixed.

it is, as i am confident you can see, a sun visor. one of the styles of ones which was very popular in the 70s and 80s, and one that was made very if not tres popular by no less than George Michael and other such tennis enthusiasts.

prior to the widespread availability of baseball caps in the United Kingdom - something which is only more recent than you may think - these sun visors were the only way to keep the sun out of your eyes here. except for flat caps, bucket hats like what Reni wears, fishing hats, bowler hats, sombreros bought off of holiday in Spain, cupping your hand above your forehead, sunglasses and the fact that we get very little sun from which we need to shield from.

the only other things i have seen abandoned to the streets filled me with too much fear to picture and share here. quite close to a popular nightclub, and i did not explicitly state it was the Bongo but still, i saw a smashed up tea cup and an inexplicably large number of runner beans abandoned.

i mentioned this to Spiros, and he said that it was a sure fire sign of the area being subject to one of them horrid gentrification attacks what has plagued London so.he says that what happens next is that all the proper places go and are replaced by places selling designer cereals and finger sandwiches, and that they all have total pretensions toss names like fusion and segaiolo and gilipollas and wichser. and runkkari.

yeah, that there to finish off is the reverse of the coffee mug off of Magic, thanks. well, it doesn't have to be just coffee, i suppose one could drink tea off of or rather out of it. but so far i have used it for coffee alone. weirdly, yes, i did indeed have a coffee out of it whilst enjoying some pie someone happened to leave on my doorstep.

there's not much beyond offering many thanks to all of the contributors who made all of the above possible. and as i have done that, why not end it there. no, here.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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