Friday, February 17, 2017

where men meet

hi there

the many fans of Spiros may be forgiven for rejoicing some as this post does indeed relate to the latest of his activities. i do appreciate that, look you see, due to certain idiosyncrasies and his fondness for making new friends of gentlemen many of you will have clocked that this is so from the title alone.

in this instance, however, it is a Spiros observation, or indeed if you like happening, that has a far wider context. a much wider context, perhaps, in particular if you prefer the word wider to far. if playing scrabble, or some similar word game, wider would certainly win the player more points, i would imagine.

anyway, Spiros was recently out and about as he is so prone to do. as he was not of a mind to engage a London cabbie in a bout of fisticuffs he elected to travel via the Tube, being as it was one of those days where they weren't on a result he saw the following now somewhat famous poster, and indeed something of a less well known happening related to it.

yes, that is indeed the somewhat celebrated poster off of Lloyds Bank, which may or may not be the same thing as Lloyds of London; a matter i will leave you to check on. this poster has been celebrated as it is a sign that Lloyds in particular and financial institutions in general are starting to warm to the idea that some men just plain prefer to live with other men.

an interesting, and one would suggest unexpected, effect of these posters is that they have given the gentlemen of London who identify with the chaps portrayed on the advertisement a new signalling place to meet. according to Spiros, gentlemen who wish to meet other gentlemen - for purposes of short term, mutually beneficial friendships or otherwise - no hang around in the vicinity of these posters.

Spiros, then, reckons that if you are a gent in London and are eager to meet fellow gents, simply hang around as close as you can to the poster. other gentlemen will stroll by to check that you are there for the same reason, and if so no doubt a suitable conversation and arrangement may be brokered.

no, the above is absolutely nothing to do with Spiros, for he is known to be loathe of anything related to all that Star Wars business. this is rather a quite fetching set which Magic owns and sent me an image of, which i thought i would share here. if i share it here, after all, it means that i have done something with the image, and know where i may find it should i wish to look at it again.

anything else from Spiros? yes. he sent me an image of a sink, or if you like wash basin, from a gentlemen's toilet facility which he had visited. there would appear to be some sort of mess within the confines of the basin element of the wash basin.

no, Spiros did not inform me of what exactly the mess was, how it got there or what part he played in this. i was, as you perhaps may well imagine, somewhat reluctant to ask too, for he may share stories with me of it that would really be best served remaining private. but he did intimate that it might have involved the French. or, at the least, a Frenchie.

well, there we go for now. gents who wish to meet other gents in London should, then, proceed to hang around the indicated Lloyds bank poster. who knows, perhaps you may well meet Spiros there. as for everyone else, i have no doubt that further adventures off of Spiros will be with us soon.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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