Thursday, February 09, 2017

february sees further super fanny snow fall


this post would, look you see, pretty much do what it says on the box, if you assume that it is in a box and the title of the post is what's written on the box. except for the parts which are not, but what's the rush, we will get there. maybe. i mean, you might just switch off now, thinking that if i read any more of this i will have a headache, to be sure.

we live in a world in which, undeniably, is populated by charlatans and soothsayers, albeit cloaked as they are under the politically correct term "weather forecasters". in recent times they have predicted something called "snowmageddon" for our fair country, advising all and sundry who metaphorically cross their palm with silver that they are doomed, etc.

indeed yes, as point of fact, what you can see quite clearly - in Commodore 64 mode terms - above is the dramatic damage caused by this most recent "snowmageddon" this morning.

these forecasts, or if you like prophecies, are ones which they have all made since October. one of the perks of being a "weather forecaster" in England, indeed the UK, is that you can earn a living by simply saying "well it might snow" every day between the commencement of October and the business end of March. perhaps i should set myself up with one of them "weather bureau" caravans myself, and roam the land to earn a living in such a way.

no, the above is nothing to do with the "snowmageddon", which thus far has been just yet more fanny snow, as such. the above is indeed a pound coin sterling. an unusual inclusion, granted, in a story about snow and related prophecies, but bear with me, there is a point to it.

it is within the realms of reason that we shall get more sinister snow that this fanny stuff you see in the non-pound coin pictures here. as there is the potential for it then it is of course fit and right that as much warning as possible be given. that said, one does tend to feel all Peter & The Wolf about it, and not the cool version of it what was narrated by David Bowie, either.

there are only so many times one can hear a warning about something which does not without simply tuning out of it all, and considering those warning to be charlatans. 

the above picture shows, in extreme graphic detail. how one of the headlights on my car, The Silver Hornet, has been beautified with an eyelash of snow. it looks quite lovely, and indeed it was a shame when the rather jerky nature of my boss reverse move made it come loose and shake off to the ground.

another look at that pound coin? certainly, and perhaps some clarification as to why i have included it here.

what caught my eye, as i am sure is true for you, is the fact that this pound coin was minted in 1983. it is possible that this was in fact one of the first such coins to be minted, then, as i believe it came into circulation in that very year. well, maybe. i mean, i am all but certain that the 20p was introduced in 1982, and this the year after. all i do know for certain is that it was in 1983 that i ever first handled such a coin. that was when i returned home off of Australia, and such a coin certainly did not exist before then.

if you would be so kind as to indulge some philosophy. it is unlikely, true, but there is nothing to say that this pound coin what i handled is in fact that very first one which i ever handled. if so, who knows what adventures it has been on over the last 34 years. perhaps they have been as interesting as mine, or maybe it has spent most of that time sat in a jar and has only recently returned to circulation.

anyway, back to snow, and an image similar to the one with which we started this jolly adventure, but different as it is not in Commodore 64 mode.

thankfully this was but a smattering of fanny snow, and not the proper hard man stuff. as such, it was not glued or welded to the windows of The Silver Hornet. far from it; all one needed to do was blow on it a little and it scattered back to the winds which brought it, ultimately falling to the ground.

of course there is the chance that the thicker, heavier and most decidedly unpleasant sort of snow shall fall, as predicted, over the next few days. i really, however, rather hope that this is not so.

i can assure you, however, that it is really very cold here at the moment.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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