Thursday, February 23, 2017

the lego batman movie

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me doing a review sort of thing of a film within a month or so of its general release is quite rare, look you see. i suspect i managed to do something like that as and when that Rogue One (which should have been called The Renegade Ten) came out, but that would be that.

and so, hot on the heels of the film being released as recently as (i think) 3(ish) weeks ago, today i got to go and see The Lego Batman Movie, or if you like The LEGO Batman Movie, for the makers of the plastic brick based toys really, really like capital letters. more than me, anyhow.

no, i did not go and see this film of my own free choice. i mean, i was interested and that, and it's had some good reviews, but i was in no rush to catch up with it. the boys, however, were, and it's been half term holidays here.

the above is indeed the boys sat in the movie theatre, excitedly sitting through some twenty minutes of adverts, enjoying some premium, bespoke and luxurious popcorn. the latter description is, of course, based on the assumption that it must be so because of the cost, but yes of course a rant of that will come soon.

what's that? you are in a rush, and you really don't have time to wade through my waffle and nonsense so could i just give you the gist? sure. The Lego Batman Movie is really rather funny in places, but overtly long for what it needs to be and perhaps not as good as The Lego Movie from a couple of years ago. yes, indeed it is fun for any and all Batman fans out there, so long as they are not "fanboys" that tend to take it all a bit too seriously.

what's that above? a comic that William picked up recently in advance of seeing the movie. good. one of the things i loved off of my youth was the comics and magazines which were released as a tie-in or promotion for films. none in my day, however, were as cool as to feature the main toy off of the film. yes, with the £3.99 comic you get the "limited edition" style of Batman dressed as he mostly is dressed in the film.

anyway, for those not in a rush, or otherwise prepared to tolerate my comments more. the plot of the film? The Lego Batman Movie does, for better or worse, pretty much turn its back on the various Lego Batman video games, direct to DVD films and other, Lego licensed Batman involvement. it takes it as you know all about the caped crusader so does not trouble you with an origin story. which is a nice change.

oh yeah, plot. very much aimed at a 21st Century, Millennial type, selfie taking "dab" enthusiast audience. it turns out that The Joker is not the arch-nemesis he thought he was to Batman, and his emotions are hurt. so he hatches a plan - involving The Phantom Zone off of Superman - to make Batman hate him more than what he hates anything or anyone, so as to give meaning to their relationship.

along the way with this, then, we get pop ups and cameos from virtually all other films and TV shows which have a licensing agreement with Lego. there are even one or two which are not related to other Warner Bros releases, but no - there's no Marvel Universe or Star Wars cameos. at least not that i saw.

the above are indeed our movie tickets and the receipt off  of the concessions stand. indeed, no Commodore 64 mode this time - apparently this picture mode is called "Hercules", which i will assume was some sort of very orange based 80s computer or video game system.

it is the reaction of anyone who goes to the cinema in England - possibly the UK, although it wouldn't surprise me if Westminster subsidies it in Scotland to give that lady one less complaint - to baulk, to cry and be frustrated with the costs of it all. the days of cinema being a very affordable, accessible to virtually all outing are long since gone.

whilst in the grand scheme of things the ticket prices were not so bad - it was just 10p south of £21 for me and the boys to be permitted access - the concessions truly are frightening. a small bag of M & Ms, a (very) small popcorn and three (rather) small cokes came in at £15.79. if you're in a position where you can order what i just listed and pay what i paid without feeling you should say "please can i now pull my pants back up if you are quite done with me" then i congratulate you on your life of fabulous wealth.

speaking of value, you will, if you will, recall that i said the Lego Batman Movie comic with a smart Batman limited edition Lego figure cost £3.99. pictured above, and below, is one of the "lucky dip" Lego Batman Movie character bags what you can buy. these cost £3 each, and you have no idea at all as to what character you are getting. paying 99p more for the surety of a recognizable Batman, plus a boss comment, strikes me as being particularly fair and reasonable.

now that i think, the tickets for the movie were some £3 less than i had been led to believe they would be when i looked into the costs on one of them "internet" things. perhaps the price is less for those who elect to see a movie at 10:50am. that would explain the rather full theatre we were in.

more comments on the movie? sure, there have not been many. as mentioned, it's pretty good. excellent in as far as using the music of Harry Nilsson goes, for One comes on the soundtrack for a particularly poignant moment. there are several really, really funny bits in the film. the pacing, however, is somewhat off. some 15 or 20 minutes could so easily have been shaved off the running time.

i was advised that there were a lot of jokes and references which were intended only for adults to "get". i must be not as old as i thought, then, as i didn't spot any of them. sure, there were plenty of references to Batman films of the past, but nothing i would consider saucy or cheeky. 

the above, which like the packaging before has been rotated by Blogger, shows the "pink tutu" Batman which came in the "lucky dip" packet next to the rather smart black Batman that came with the comic. i am somewhat baffled by the "pink tutu" outfit with the Bruce Wayne / Batman character head, really. whilst this outfit does feature in the film - for some 3 seconds - Barbara Gordon is wearing it as she wrestles with her identity as Batgirl.

whilst the box office figures suggest that my endorsement is hardly required, for what it is worth i would say that yes, if you're in two minds then The Lego Batman Movie is worth a look. i have a feeling that it's going to be all that much more enjoyable and comfortable viewing as and when the home video release comes around,. but if you're looking specifically to burn off some excess cash at the cinema then you could do a lot worse than go see this.

should the above be taken as a hint at our next cinematic outing? perhaps, maybe. whilst William is rather keen on all of this Power Rangers stuff i do not believe James to be too fussed. they both just happened to see other children positing for pictures by this display and decided that they very much wanted in on this.

and that's just about that for another post here, then. as usual thanks for reading, and i can but hope that someone somewhere found something to be of interest here, if only in the mildest and in of passing way.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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