Sunday, February 19, 2017

Harry Nilsson hygiene products

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over time, for it is all i have to do such with, i have waxed lyrical of my love for Harry Nilsson. he's one of those great artists who, for some reason, has been overlooked by the world at large. most, look you see, know him as "song from Midnight Cowboy dude", which he is, as well as being "dude what did the proper version of Without You". but there is, look you see, much more to the man and his music.

something i really rather like to do is, when chance, time and the elements permit, live my life by the lyrics which Harry has left us with. in another time and another place, or if you prefer by clicking here, you can see and recall the time when i had a go at his idea of putting the lime in the coconut and drinking it all up. this was in accordance with how he willed it to be in the song Coconut, off of the celebrated Nilsson Scmilsson album.

whereas that did not go down at all well i have every confidence that a slightly less literal interpretation of the song lyrics shall be a most spectacular success.

yes. oh, hang on, i have just noticed that there's a sort of rainbow glint to the above picture, and of course it is Harry Nilsson's recording of Somewhere Over The Rainbow which is the most celebrated and indeed fondly remembered.

where was i before i got distracted. oh yes. as you can see, someone called Original Source is quite the fan of Harry Nilsson to. i assume this to be the case, as that would, to my mind, be the only possible reason why someone would stick lime and coconut milk into some body wash lotion type of stuff.

is this another post about me buying cheap hygiene products and writing a post about it to distract from the fact that i bought cheap? no, not at all. i didn't actually need any, but when i saw the ingredients on this bottle i felt obliged to buy it.

the above image does indeed represent some of my copies of Nilsson Schmilsson, whilst granted it covers the majority of my Nilsson collection as a whole. how many copies of Nilsson Schmilsson do i have, exactly? at least four, with the other two not on display here still boxed away.

why would i have so many copies? well, have you heard it? it's a pretty incredible album. sometimes a piece of music is so good you just need to purchase it again to satisfy your adoration. other examples would be The Stone Roses off of The Stone Roses and, indeed, Welcome To The Pleasuredome by Frankie Goes To Hollywood.

Nilsson Schmilsson is, of course, the album which Coconut features on. those of you who have not heard the album are missing out. that said, many of you will have heard the Coconut itself in isolation, for it is the song which plays on the end credits of Reservoir Dogs.

whilst it is clearly the case that this lotion, or if you like potion, or if you prefer body wash, is inspired and informed by Harry Nilsson, it isn't actually an officially endorsed Harry Nilsson product. but it should be, and i hope the manufacturers give some of the money from sales over to the Nilsson Estate as some form of royalties payment.

have i used this body wash yet? no, not as such. i have every intention of doing so, as and when my current one (some mix of banana and milk, i believe, perhaps even coconut milk once more) expires or otherwise finishes. and yes, i would suggest it is quite likely that i will sing Coconut as i use it. and no i will not be doing a video of it to share here.

i would have to say, ultimately, yes, it is true. there can be no avoiding the fact that my "trying to live life by the lyrics of Harry Nilsson" rarely, if not seldom, goes beyond a reference to the one song every four or five years. but i do look out for opportunities, all the same.

anyway, more as and when it happens, dear reader. if not sooner.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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