Tuesday, February 21, 2017

avec cristaux fraicheur


i am not at all sure, or if you like i am uncertain, as to which proposition holds the truth, dear reader. it would either be that my occasional musings on the subject of toothpaste are rather popular, or it's just that anything which i write is, look you see, quite pleasant to read. neither would strike me as being likely, but the figures tell a different story to that which strikes me.

the last time, i believe, that the subject of toothpaste rotated around to being a thing here was November of the year gone by. as opposed to that November which is to come. that particular post, relating to Max Fresh branded variations as it did, can be found by clicking here, although thus far some 300 people have made such discovery without me leading.

interestingly, should you be interested in such, this new, or if you like most recent, post on the subject of toothpaste relates in certain ways to that previous one. this is in ways which go beyond similar familiarity of the subject, too.

the above, showing with the precise clarity of Commodore 64 mode, are two new packets, or if you will tubes, of the 'Max Fresh' toothpaste which the 75% of my family whom you all like a good deal more than you like me prefer. as illustrated, it is the "shiny" version of the product which usually costs more, and yet i was able to procure this for £1 a go off of Yorkshire Trading.

it might be that i was able to obtain this at a lower price because of the language variations on the packaging. the variations are indeed hinted at in the title, and the introduction. there's no way you would miss such clues, i suspect, but there you go, confirmation that you had not.

perhaps the most important part of this post would be the consumer information awareness element, so let me do that now.  per the earlier post i have both observed and noted that the "plain", non-embossed version of this toothpaste was freely available from Poundland for £1 a go, whereas the shiny, embossed variant of the packaging was sold for £2.50 or higher at other stores; mainly ones who have foregone the simplicity of making all £1 a go.

this has changed, somewhat. certain stores, i not - and please i did not single out Morrisons, but still - are now selling the flat, bland version of Max Fresh for £2.50 or higher, rather than the shiny version. so watch out.

yes, that above picture is indeed the boys as they are or were this week, and no this does not really have much to do with the main crux or thrust of this post. we just happened to go on a lovely walk during week, which during the course of i took this picture. i thought family and friends around the world might appreciate it.

what was the thrust or crux of our walk? to visit the postal services. one of them wished to enter some competition in one of their magazines, and so we went off to post it. yes, there was rain, but as you can see the boys were very much prepared for it and anyway there was not so much.

toothpaste? sure, we can go back to that now, if you like.

here, or rather there, you go. the above shows off the rather internationalist, or if you will global, nature of this particular style of branding of the apparently quite celebrated Max Fresh toothpaste. there's the name and that of it in what i have taken to be French, along with in in Arabic, or an Arabic related language.

of the many curious anecdotes and incidents which i have experienced one would be pertinent to the above. once i went to see a doctor. the ailment or condition or problem i could not recall. what i can remember, however, is that i got to hear off of the doctor that one should not purchase any product which has Arabic writing on it, for it has been poisoned as an important strategic part of the Middle East's efforts to wipe out the West.

no, seriously, this i was told with a straight face by a medical professional, and no, not really i did not and do not believe it. i have always taken "multi language" packaging to be a simpler, efficient and far more cost effective means for producers to reduce their operational costs. should i be wrong and the doctor have been right, however, well then bravo you, the Middle East, for exploiting our Western weakness for our passion for indulgent luxury dental products, and may you do well with your win.

and that would be that for now. more, toothpaste or otherwise, as and when it happens, dear reader.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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