Sunday, April 17, 2016

the curse of the silver shoe of hope

hello there

i find it impossible to overlook the fact that the mystery and quite sinister illness which has struck me down for the last five or so days happened at a point after i brought news of the silver shoe of hope to the world. as a consequence, i am steadfast and resolute in my view that i am now subject to a curse as a consequence of this.

before you pour scorn or mock, be wary of such things do happen, look you see. the First Barbary War was, for instance, supposed to be the first conflict which was to be free of the consequence of curses, and yet now everyone who was involved with it is now dead, some three hundred years on. curses do happen, dear reader, and it would be unwise for you to dismiss them.

you might think that the placing of a curse was the sole preserve of a gypsy, or perhaps a witch, but this approach is far too limiting. in this era when anyone can access anything via an internet portal, everyone can learn everything.

the question remains, then, as to who might just have taken the trouble to learn how to place a curse on me via the means of trapping me by inspiring me to write a tale of the silver shoe of hope.

just how likely is it that i would have upset someone so much that they would have felt compelled to learn a dark art such as casting a curse in order to be rid of me? exceedingly likely, i would suggestion. for some reason people have taken exception to me over the years, and taken an exception which is usually expressed with profound levels of passion. vigour and enthusiasm too, i suppose.

no, i suspect there is no shortage of potential candidates for the role of villain, or if you like hero, in this sorry tale of how an abandoned silver shoe was used as a means to curse me with some sort of odd illness.

have i now recovered from this mystery illness, or if you like have the effects of the curse worn off? partially, i would suggest. i mean, i have not ruled out that it has indeed been quite effective, and that i am constructing all of this within some quite bizarre afterlife.

anyway, should my health continue to recover, or this bizarre afterlife perpetuate, i will write more as and when other stuffs of interest happen.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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