Thursday, April 28, 2016

corporate mugs

hi there

i suppose that this could be considered one of them throwback thursday things, look you see, except that it featured relatively modern images and does not feel like all that much of a throwback. still, you are the one reading this, not me, and so far be it from me to stop or question you calling this just whatever it is that you would like to.

over on the more well known of the social media network things i recently, as i am so want and so prone to do, shared an image. it proved, despite my presence in it, to be quite a popular one, but also one which courted some controversy. here, look, you see it for yourself.

yes, that is indeed i with a branded corporate mug from my former, and dearly remembered, place of verk from when i was south of the equator. Nedbank Corporate Transformation Forum i believe is what it says, and presumably it was a gift from that forum at some point. happy days that mine landed in tact and perfectly boxed here at home, then.

weirdly, many a moon ago, i was briefly a member of this forum, or a version of it. i took it as a matter of distinct honour and pride that my colleagues nominated me to be on it, believing me to be not only a fair voice but also one which would not remain silent if something was wrong. i departed from the forum, alas, when it became clear that everyone else sitting on it at the same time was less interested in transformation and rather more interested in looking at the salaries of their colleagues and superiors, "just to check" that all was fair. yeah, right.

whilst one friend, and i am not at all sure Anthea wants me to name her her, mentioned that she hoped that the mug dropped and smashed into one thousand pieces just after this picture was taken. alas it did not, or happily this was not the case. Stefan, a man i consider to this day to still be my personal physician, had what you might call a somewhat more positive reaction, and has responded with this image.

you know i am not 100% sure that i have Stefan's permission to use this picture, but he's some seven thousand miles away, and anyway it is done now.

i note that the mug which they gave Stefan - not that i am jealous or making an issue out of it - is way bigger than the one i have, and has a more softer, friendly tone to it. that said, what i particularly like the most about the above picture, other than seeing a dear friend once more, is that Stefan clearly has the same love and affection for quality French doors what i do.

if for some reason you have found this interesting, scattered all over this blog are tales of me and my mugs, my former verk and indeed Stefan. feel free to search for them; the story where Stefan got twatted by a plant pot and we all stood around laughing rather than helping him is in particular worth reading.

right, that will do, more as and when, dear reader, more as and when.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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