Sunday, April 24, 2016

the conquest of the curse of the silver shoe of hope


some book somewhere, look you see, started off with the words of how one time was totes the best of time yet like also totes the worst of times. will i evoke such a sentiment here? perhaps, but i can most decidedly assure you that i will not echo the quality of that particular work much.

frequent, or if you like regular readers will be aware of the fact that recently i, on my travels, observed a most splendid silver shoe. a little while later i concluded that this silver shoe had cursed me, and left me with an illness that very nearly brought about my death. no more is it the case, dear reader, that this silver shoe will be permitted to strike at either me or any other passer by.

the above represents one of the final times at which one could see the shiny, sparkly silver shoe at the place where it was left to rest. actions have intervened since then, dear reader, and the shoe has been removed. to what new place has it gone, and to whom did the duty fall for the removal? these are things i know, and matters that i shall discuss here, to a certain extent.

Mark, my friend and colleague, removed the shoe. i would like to think that he did this as an act of defence, believing that if it were cursing me and making me ill then it should be removed. i suspect, however, it was rather more the case that he did it as an act of defiance, as for reasons best known to himself he elected to deposit the shoe on my desk at verk. no, this move was most certainly not one which was solicited.

i had really rather hoped to milk this abandoned shoe for at least another two or three blog posts, for it in passing gave me something to write about. Mark has pretty much ruined that now, though, and so i shall just have to observe other things to write of. i shall indeed endeavour to ensure that they are items which are out of the reach of Mark, lest he bring an unnatural end to a story.

perhaps, though, the story of the silver shoe has come to a natural end; it is just one that i had not anticipated as being so. maybe it was always the destiny of it to be scooped up by Mark. i don't know, that's what happened though so maybe.

what the f*** is this picture, you ask? me having a bit of a go at some swingball. i recently shared this image via some sort of social media channel, and as it was quite popular when i did that i thought i might as well load it up here. a similar picture from the same time is also here on this blog somewhere, if for some reason you are interested.

how am i getting on with the legacy of the curse of the silver shoe? for the most part i seem somewhat recovered from whatever illness was brought down upon me by it, which makes me quite grateful. my health was more or less restored before Mark took it upon himself to claim the shoe and deposit it on my desk, so no, let us not be having any claims of praise or credit to him for my dramatic and quite remarkable recovery. i am starting to think that maybe the illness i had was in no way related to any sort of curse, either from a single silver shoe or any other source, but i dare not speak in such terms, lest the curse issuer is aware of it and strikes me down once more.

whilst i would like to believe that Mark acted with the finest, the best and most noble of intentions, there was some remonstration in respect of his actions from other colleagues at work. a very valid point, for instance, was made that the constabulary, or if you like the police, could be seeking out or searching for this shoe in connection with a criminal matter.

also, in starting another paragraph just to wrap the text around the picture, for all we know this shoe was a deliberately left clue in regards of a kidnapping. perhaps interpol, or some private detective, was looking out for this shoe, which is why it was allowed to lay at rest for over a week where it was.

yes, it is true that the most likely explanation for this shoe was that it slipped off the foot of someone, possibly most likely a lady but apparently it is sexist to mention any gender at any time now, whilst they were somewhat too far removed from sobriety to either notice that they had lost it, or even to care about such a  loss. it just makes life more interesting, or perhaps it would be better to say somewhat less boring, to rather try and imagine something of curiosity or worthy of exploring rather than just walking by and thinking nothing more of it. well, it's how i get through the day, at the least.

well, there you go. sadly, then, or perhaps happily, no more shall the silver shoe of hope, or any associated curse, feature here in any new or updated capacity. you are very welcome to look through these three articles and ponder what might have been, but sadly no further stories of it shall be coming.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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