Monday, April 04, 2016

dig out your vinyl

hey there

this quick blog post is pretty much a shout out for a new venture which is, look you see, close to my heart, to be sure. for vibes lovers located in the north island of New Zealand, April 16 of this year sees the coming of a new record store in the form of Vinyl Destination.

i know this because my Dad forwarded on a newspaper clipping about them today. why would he do such a thing? well, have a read and take a guess.

yes, that is indeed him quoted in the press. nice one, and i would suggest that after 50 or so years of buying the vibes, whether on vinyl or on CD or via an email to his eldest son, he is something of an expert.

if you're in and around the Bay Of Plenty down in New Zealand and you happen to love the vibes, get yourselves down there and have a gander. from my side, best of luck to those who have set up the shop, and i hope it's a spectacular success/

from my side, it's just great and very reassuring to see that the absolute joy of holding and physically owning music is coming back to the fore. downloads, mp3 players and so on are all very convenient and that, but they rob you of the passion and the buzz of just what it is to experience music.

oh yes, you too can contact my Dad if you require any smart quotes for a newspaper article, or anything else which he does. the contact details can be found right here, as usual.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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