Friday, April 08, 2016

black opium under review

hey you

well, here we go again. there are, looking at the readership statistics, those of you who insist that i am, look you see, a source you use to inform you of perfume matters. i was very careful there, you will observe, to not say that you trusted me as a source.

another sample bottle of perfume has arrived in the post for me. this arrived for no reason whatsoever beyond the fact that i filled out the form they had online for it requesting it. some might say it's a bit of a cheek for them to do this under these circumstances, but i'm not so sensitive.

what sample landed this time? you've probably worked this out from the title of the post, and indeed the above picture, which blogger has decided should be rotated in an upside down way. if for some reason you've not worked it out, this time it's a fragrance called Black Opium, and it is off of a suspiciously French sounding outfit of perfumeers, or whatever the word is for them that make perfume, called Yves Saint Laurent. or, if you like, YSL.

the first thing i noticed, which i am sure you did too, is the envelope it came in. it's larney, as they would say in South Africa. the envelope which YSL sent this sample in is a beautiful, black foiled padded envelope. much better than the paper rubbish which them peasants at Versace use. these padded envelopes are very expensive. i know this because i was so impressed by this one that i took to the internet and ordered myself some. cost? 5 of them cost just slightly south of £4.

actually not many of you refer to my blog for perfume reviews. i have just seen the stats again, and it's the case that 30 or so of you (as in specifically 30) read my comments on Versace Eros and Poison Girl. oh well, quality not quantity is what i go for in terms of readership. which, yeah, is saying something.

it is quite possible, i suppose, that the 30 or so of you reading this are rather more interested in a review of Black Opium, or maybe Opium Black, off of YSL than you are interested in reading stats or musings on lovely yet expensive envelopes.  let's do that for you.

although, a reason that it comes in such a lavish and luxurious envelope is that it is a prestige brand. which is to say it is a very expensive one. how expensive? quite frankly, f*****g expensive. a 30ml bottle costs £47, which is just south of £50. which means this 1ml sample they sent me has a street value of £1.56. add that to the cost of a swanky padded envelope and YSL have gone to some trouble here.

and well they might, if you want me to get to some sort of review section here. there's no point in messing about - this perfume is superb, stunning or whatever word it is that best describes one of the bestest perfumes ever. it's totes awesome. amazeballs is, i think, another term that the kids of today use to describe things which please them, so you could use that term too here i suppose.

my (considerably) better half was reasonably pleased when i brought this home, as it happens. she is quite the fan of other YSL fragrances styled with the brand Opium, and so was keen to have a sniff of this. her positive review would be a matter which would please YSL, for other than being the target market for lady fragrances, she happens to be the one in our relationship with the cash, and so she could afford to command them to sell her anything she so wished.

what did she think of Black Opium by YSL? well, i could tell you right now, or i could share with you a picture of me as viewed in the rear view mirror off of my car earlier today.

i was  engaged in some brief yet fluent correspondence with my dear friend Jayson over in Jozi. Jayson, many of you may recall, is now the custodian of my Southern Hemisphere magnet. i thought as a result he might quite like this picture of me sat in my Northern Hemisphere lodestone. as for some reason a number of you like pictures of me which show my reflection in the rear view mirror of a car, i figured that you would wish to have a look at this.

so, what did my (considerably) better half say of the perfume? she absolutely loves it. it is a really lovely scent, as mentioned above. it is also an endearing and enduring one - the remnants of the scent remain for quite some time, and you don't have to keep applying touch up dabs as is the case with the cheap rubbish which the likes of Versace flog.

some smart video of my (considerably) better half applying Black Opium perfume to her wrist? sure, why not, and as an extra special treat yes it is in Camcorder mode.

it is quite possible, now that i think about it. that there's probably some sort of sexual deviants out there who prowl the internet looking for videos of ladies dabbing perfume on their wrists, for it is that sort of thing which brings them arousal and thus footage of the act brings them a substantial means of gratification. what can i say to that, other than enjoy?

succulent is a word i would use to describe the fragrance, i suppose. you would pretty much such absolutely anything which smelled of Black Opium, it's that lovely. my mate Fraser once explained to me - and i am at pains to say that this was all unsolicited and not requested - how a gentleman is expected to pay for cigarettes when they are in prison. if his words were true, and i have never had reason to doubt the veracity of anything that Fraser has told us - they i would most certainly take a bottle of this with me should i find my collar felt and my person locked up.

it would, mindful of the above, probably be wise for Stumpie to stock up on some of this, then, ahead of June. Spiros reads this blog, and as the leading legal mind of his generation he has absolutely loads of cash. i am sure he will purchase a bottle of this - or write off for a free sample - and arrange for it to be forwarded to Stumpie as a sort of goodwill, and indeed good luck, gesture.

if for some reason you feared the above would be the lowest tone reached here, fear not. Richard enthusiasts can take delight, for Richard has forwarded on the below picture and requested that i share it here.

i think i am right in saying that the above is one of them "meme" things that the kids share on the internet, isn't it? i don't know, i don't have much to do with the internet, and so don't really follow all the trends and that.

to try and bring some sort of normality and sensibility to proceedings, James was quite keen to have a sniff of this Black Opium stuff. he was also interested - without bribery - in being filmed reacting to the scent of Black Opium and having that footage loaded here. in Camcorder mode, of course.

James is, as has happened to those before him and shall happen to those after him, now at an age where he has noticed things such as the fact that them girl things at school are not actually all that bad, and sometimes it can be quite nice to be in the company of them. it will be not long, i suspect, before he starts having ideas about how it would be smart to do something like buy one of them girls a bottle of Black Opium as a gesture of friendship.

if he has any designs in that respect beyond a 1ml sample bottle and for some reason he believes his Dad will be underwriting this (admittedly) class idea, i can promise you that James has absolute f***loads of car washing and lawn mowing ahead of him to raise that sort of pocket money.

another look at the YSL created Black Opium in Commodore 64 mode? sure. 

many thanks, then, to YSL for sending on this free sample. i suspect this does not need saying, but no, YSL have not requested me to do a review, and nor have they paid for it beyond chucking a free sample my way. i would suspect, despite my positive reaction, that they would somewhat prefer that the tone and imagery i have used above was not used in association with their products.

right, i am off to have another sniff of Black Opium, or something.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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