Sunday, April 10, 2016

back to blended

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once again i have been wrestling with just what to do with my hair. earlier this year, those of you who are of a mind to do so may recall, i took the decision on a whim to go "short and spiked" with my hair; fashioning a look which i had not had since the time when there were three Beatles still alive.

whilst the overall appearance is important, look you see, it's vital to have the right kind of care on the go for it. to this end i have been experimenting with different styles of shampoo. as the title of this blog post pretty much indicates, however, i have presently elected to return to that which i know.

i see blogger and apple are once more arguing about how a picture should be rotated. sorry for that.

whereas i would be reluctant to call the Oz Botanics shampoo you can see there, and indeed here, a failure, it would be fair to say that i have found it somewhat lacking and really rather wanting in terms of what it promised and what it expected. so yes, actually, a failure, other than the fact that, in a very mild way, it did indeed wash my hair.

what was wrong with the shampoo? well, for a start, for something which claimed to be loaded with Tasmanian (as in off of Tasmania) blue gum, it was a quite silky beige bone off white cream sort of colour, perhaps with a smidgeon of yellow to it. i wouldn't call myself some sort of expert or authority on the various types of gum what comes off of Tasmania, but i would suggest it not unreasonable to expect something called blue gum to be, at the least, blue in colour.

i am also somewhat unconvinced that this shampoo has ever added serious volume to my hair. oh, it's added volume, so to be sure, but not what i would consider to be serious volume. i appreciate that we all have different understandings of just what 'serious' volume would entail, but if you are going to brand something in such a fashion then best you be sure it is.

i suppose ultimately the question here is would i go right ahead and use this Oz Botanics "serious volume" shampoo again. yes, if the circumstances were right. those circumstances would be either someone buying me some, or me remembering that i required some new shampoo whilst i was in Pound Land and them in Pound Land having a bottle of it for sale, presumably if not ostensibly for their preferred valuation of £1. if it were a matter of me specifically setting off to purchase some new shampoo, then regrettably no, it would not be this branded sort of brand.

back i go, then, to the somewhat secured safety of Garnier, or whoever it is, and their blended blend sort of brand of shampoo. and yes, indeed i am returning to the only one of these blended brands of blended shampoo which is worth a damn, which is to say the one that has got lemon in it.

considering that Jason Donovan, back in the 80s, invented shampoo with lemon in it and that Jason Donovan is about as Australian as you can get, i am baffled as to why the Oz Botanics brand went with blue gum off of Tasmania rather than lemon. if Oz Botanics was awful yet had lemon in it, this blog would be little more than a celebratory rant about it, praising it for being awesome.

is the lemon factor the motivating reason for my return to blended branded shampoo? yes, indeed it is, except for the motivating aspect which was that it was on offer tres cheap at a shop - Tesco, i believe - and so i figured why not, that will do for washing my hair. 

i am cautiously optimistic that the return to blended shampoo with lemon in it shall, by and large, really accentuate the look, the feel and the concept of just how comfortable i am with my sexuality through the medium of my hair. i am unaware of anyone actually considering this matter in general, let alone specifically via what i do with my hair, but if they do then i hope what is being projected is correct.

right, i am quite tired of optical piles. i am off to restore or if you like resurrect a CD stand and put some CDs away on it, for that is the purpose and point of a CD stand.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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