Tuesday, April 26, 2016

s(n)o(w) much for spring, then......


those of you with the peculiar habit of doing so might recall that my most recent entry, so to speak, saw me speak in a most uncouth and rather belligerent manner about my displeasure at snow being present. well, it is the end of April, look you see; a time when the only white one should see on the ground is that of lovely lambs prancing about the meadows all merrily and gay.

the brief interlude of snow we got in the early part of last night was, it turned out, nothing more than a prelude. today was a day which is even later into April than what yesterday was, and this is what greeted me and my eyes not long after i woke.

i can assure you, dear reader, that the above is not some sort of trivial "throwback tuesday" sort of post of a picture from earlier in the year, this was very much what the grounds looked like some twelve hours ago. that be proper snow, that is, of the laying variety.

did i take some video footage of this snow for you? but of course.

there were forecasts which suggested we would get "wintry showers", which is the wording of choice by bureaus these days for snow. i'm not sure why they can't just say "snow" any more, but it doesn't matter i suppose for i, along with many others, ignored such forecasts. it seemed preposterous, a mere three days before the Tour de Yorkshire commences, that we would have snow. but, well, snow is what we got.

that there is indeed the step on which i am found to be stood of a morning, consolidating my thoughts for the day ahead and doing so via the trusted conduit of a cigarette. just how deep is that snow? well, if such calculations are something that appeals to you, here is an image of the same step, only with my boot print on it, or rather in the snow.

not as deep, then, as it could or indeed has been, but then again rather deeper a layer or laying of snow than one would expect with a mere four days left of April ahead of us.

the presence of snow means, of course, the presence of that extra bit of a challenge to driving. the first such challenge would be to rid one's car of the layers of snow.

that picture was taken at around 7:20am, when i was all washed and dressed and ready to rock and roll in respect of another day at verk. whilst i very much was able to engage in verk today, as it transpired it was not within the confines of my usual place of verk, or if you like verk place.

earlier in the year you may remember i was left unable to drive anywhere as the snow was that deep. this time around it wasn't so bad, and i had every confidence that i could get through the roads ok. the first instance of this constance being knocked was a call from Mark. yes, that Mark. my friend, colleague, remover of shoe curses and generally a man of no fear. he called to alert me that i may wish to reconsider driving, as all roads in and around, and indeed to and from, our mutual place of verk were effectively still life portraits of cars.

some more video? certainly.

i thanked Mark profusely for his warning and, most importantly, his care in advising me. it would be unfair to say i disregarded the concern and care, but it is true to say that i did elect to have a go anyway. well, i was dressed and in the car, so why wouldn't i?

my driving lasted some 30 minutes, and did not cover the distance you might think. the unexpected presence of snow had served to cause all sorts of drama, delay, accidents and incidents. as i crawled along i observed other cars - ones better maintained than mine - slipping about. i elected, then to accept the words of Mark as being correct, and found a safe(ish) means of turning around and heading home.

as i engaged in verk from home i bore witness to the further peculiarities of the day today. further snow fell, followed for good measure by some hailstones, or if you like stones of hail. actually, no, hailstones is the only way around that works. by mid-afternoon the much missed sun filled the sky and every trace of what you see above was gone within an hour. i would like to think gone for the season, but alas at this moment in time our sky is filled with the formidable grey shade that brings snow. to that end, a most spectacular, if brief, further hailstone shower has hit us.

all that is left for me at this stage is to hope that the flurry of snow we had over the course of today as a day is a final one for the season. if good fortune smiles upon me, perhaps i will be permitted to engage in verk at my actual place of verk tomorrow, as interesting and as productive as all this "remote access" stuff can be from time to time.

may the skies reflect better on you than they have on me presently.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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