Saturday, April 16, 2016

sometimes it snows in april

hi there

oh yes indeed, i am still somewhat ill, something that no doubt quite a few of you will be very pleased to read in a published form. it's all delirium, mostly. last night, for instance, i got bursts of sleep that lasted around forty minutes each. no idea why i would wake up with such regularity, but that's the way it went.

when i eventually resigned to no consistent sleep and got up, i saw, look you see, that we had some snow falling in our fair part of the world.

yes, quite, i appreciate that in the above picture, or if you like picture above, that you can't really see any snow as such. there is a difference between it falling and laying, and for us it is merely falling. when the snow hits the ground all it finds is things are wet, and so it simply melts away.

indeed i did take some video so you can sort of see the snow, if for some reason you are interested in seeing such a thing.

is snow in April all that an uncommon thing? not especially, i suppose. quite rare, as in that it is not something we would see each year, but when it comes along it is not too much of a shock.

the interesting thing is that it's presently cold, wet and snowing a bit and we are only two weeks away from this whole Tour de Yorkshire thing. what's that? well, it's like that Tour de France thing, only better because it's in Yorkshire. there's nothing wrong with France as such, it's just that all aspects of the world fall very far short when compared to Yorkshire. we're just that good.

right, let me go off an plot a means towards wellness. it will not be a path, one would think, that shall feature me spending any amount of quality time out in this snow. or snowy shower.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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